T1 Teddy: "Canna is already a player with great mechanics, by learning the macro a bit more, he’ll become an amazing top laner."

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On the 15th (KST), T1 shut out Afreeca Freecs 2-0 in their last match of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. As of this match, they’ve placed themselves in 2nd place behind Gen.G, awaiting for the result of DragonX vs. APK Prince tomorrow. In the match, Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan and Park “Teddy” Jin-seong had splendid performances and were voted as players of the games.



Congratulations on today’s victory. How do you feel?


Cuzz: Today’s match was really important and it’s a relief that we won 2-0. It’s still regretful, though, since we should have played better in Game 2.


Teddy: It was the last match of the regular season. I feel good that we won 2-0 and I felt that we should play better in the playoffs.

Did you watch the KT-Gen.G match?


Teddy: I watched it. I thought KT would win, but it was so close. It was advantageous for us if KT won, but since we were playing right after, we needed to focus on our own game and prepared for that.

You played against Graves with Trundle. How is that matchup?


Cuzz: Graves got better because of Phase Rush, but Trundle is still alright.

But didn’t you struggle a lot because of Graves today?


Cuzz: It may have seemed like that because Graves usually takes benefits by taking the counter-jungle camps, but Trundle is a champion that carries in teamfights.

Game 2 was a bit difficult. How was it for Teddy?


Teddy: It was hard in the early game since Varus has a very strong laning phase. We even gave up a kill in the dragon fight. But Miss Fortune is a pick that gets better in the mid-late game so it was alright. It was manageable.

Canna was cut off often. Did you give him any advice?


Teddy: I didn’t give him any advice in particular. Canna was reflecting on himself already for being cut off. Canna is already a player with great mechanics, by learning the macro a bit more, he’ll become an amazing top laner.

The match between DragonX and APK Prince tomorrow is also important to T1. APK needs to win at least one game. A word to them?


Cuzz: HyBriD, I think you’re an amazing ADC. Fighting!


Teddy: I think that HyBriD will do quite well in the next match, but Ikksu is also really good. I hope Ikksu does well against Doran.

Any last comments to the fans?


Cuzz: We’ve finished the regular season as of today. We’ll do our best to improve what we lacked until the playoffs and deliver good performances there.


Teddy: I’m happy that we won the last match. I’ll do my best to show good performances in the playoffs.

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