Valorant will go under maintenance to fix bugs and exploits


Riot Games has announced that VALORANT servers will be down for maintenance to patch up map exploits and audio bugs. Entering its second week of closed beta testing, players have found exploits in characters like Cypher and Sage, giving them an advantage over other players.


First off, we have the Sage-Omen wall exploit. On the map Haven, players can build up a wall with Sage’s ability into areas where normally, you would not be able to reach on your own. Omen can teleport to the top of Sage’s wall, where you have an advantage at sniping the enemy team. Other exploits include Cypher’s camera. After firing a tracking dart with the gun attached to the camera, the dart’s firing ability will also fire the weapon, creating a turret effect.




Riot’s statement reads: “On April 15, EU servers are going offline for 2 hours to patch some audio bugs and map exploits - queues will 'freeze' at 3:30am CEST, go offline at 5am CEST. We deleted a previous tweet including info on NA servers - we're still working on a hotfix for you.”


As the game progresses, it is likely more bugs and exploits will appear, with Riot Games running right after them to patch the game.


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