Dataminer finds Ascent, VALORANT's fourth map, taking place in Venice


VALORANT has rolled out its beta testing phase just last week and fans are already looking for data to mine. Riot Games has confirmed that for its official launch this Summer, they would be including two new agents as well as one new map.


The data miner has made a thread on Reddit, with pictures from the map’s layout and some of the visual assets that will be included in the set. He believes the map is set to be Italian themed, more specifically in Venice.


Asset datamined by @UlfricTheThird


I have been doing some data mining and I have found some information on the new map code named "Ascent". I've learned that it takes place in Italy, as there is a lot of Italian writing on the textures (3). I think it is in Venice because some of the textures reference a canal. There is also a gondola texture (5/7). 2 shops in the map are named baitshop and boatshop in the files. The street lamps have the same style that the street lamps in Venice have, but I don't know if that's just a style across Italy. There is also scaffolding models and textures in the files.”




On its beta release date, VALORANT gathered over 1,7 million viewers on Twitch, some of which were hopeful to receive beta key drops from watching others stream. Currently, VALORANT’s beta servers have increased the capacity for 25% more players due to high demand.


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