G2 makes it to LEC Spring Split semi finals after defeating Origen

Photo by Michal Konkol for Riot Games


G2 has redeemed itself and qualified itself for the League of Legends European Championship Spring Split semi finals. The reiging champions of Europe defeated Origen without sweating too much, ending the series with a 3-1 score.


G2 started the series strong, taking a dominant lead over Origen in game one. While Origen pushed back for a short while, G2 ultimately were far too strong with Mid Laner Luka "PERKZ" Perković and Bot Laner Rasmus "Caps" Winther popping off—Caps even secured a pentakill with his Ezreal.



Game two was a much closer, two-sided affair. While G2 took a small lead with drakes and kills, Origen held their own for a good while. Off the back of a clean team fight, Origen secured a Baron Nashor and took a turret lead. From there on, the game turned into a straight up skirmish with team fights left and right. The tug of war got close, but off the back of an ace G2 managed to close it out.


Origen continued to scale as the series progressed, and took control of the third game. The game looked over when Origen secured a Baron and pushed deep into G2's territory, but the skirmish wasn't quite done yet as Origen continued to fail on capitalizing on their lead. In similar fashion to game two, team fights and objectives went back and forth. It wasn't until Origen secured both a Baron buff and an Elder Drake buff that Origen managed to climb back into the series with their first win of the day. The taste of victory turned sour immediately afterwards, however. Methodically, G2 took care of Origen in the fourth game, closing out the series.


Next weekend, a familiar hurdle awaits G2. They'll have to face off against MAD Lions once more, after being knocked down to the lower bracket by the rookie squad last weekend. The winner of that match advances to the Spring Split finals, where Fnatic will be waiting for a fight for the crown.


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