Excel Esports will make roster changes after rough Split

Photo by Michal Konkol for Riot Games

Excel Esports has announced through their Twitter account that moving forward, the team will be making changes to their Top Lane and Mid Lane position. Joining the League of Legends European Championship in 2019, the British team has struggled to climb up the standings.


In 2020, Excel had brought exciting changes to the roster, with the addition of  players Son “Mickey” Young-min in the Mid Lane, Patrik “Patrik” Jiru in the Bot Lane and Tore “Tore” Hotel Eilertsen as Support. The coaching staff had the addition of Fnatic’s former head coach, Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool and Fabian Broich as head of performance.


“Our LEC Team finished in 7th place during the Spring Split 2020, which was an improvement on both splits last year, but ultimately we fell short of reaching our goal to make playoffs. In light of that, we have reviewed the situation internally and feel that to be confident in reaching that goal in Summer Split 2020, a change is necessary. With that in mind, we have decided to make a change to our top lane and mid lane positions, heading into the Summer Split. More information on all of this will be shared in the near future." - Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool






Excel has not made clear which players will be released from contract, but the hint at the positions swapped lead to believe that Mickey and Expect.



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