Riot Games reveals new Legends of Runeterra champion: Sejuani

Image Source: Riot Games


Riot Games has revealed a new champion for the upcoming Legends of Runeterra expansion: Sejuani. The Freljordian warrior rides into the digital card game on her trusted companion, introducing four other new cards and a brand new keyword in 'Vulnerable'.


When a unit receives the Vulnerable effect, it can be forced into battle by the enemy. It's best compared to a very narrowed-down version of Challenge, as you can only target one unit with it. However, for Sejuani specifically this doesn't matter much. Her second on-play effect is that she applies Frostbite to the same enemy she makes Vulnerable, setting that unit's attack to zero and giving Sejuani a free trade.


Sejuani also boasts the Overwhelm effect, which plays into her requirement to level up. When you have dealt damage to the enemy Nexus in five separate rounds in a game, Sejuani transforms into a Frostbiting menace. Every round, the first time you deal damage to the enemy Nexus, Sejuani Frostbites all enemies on board. Talk about a stone-cold heart.




Alongside Sejuani, Riot Games has revealed four other cards coming to Legends of Runeterra in the next expansion. Fury of the North is a straightforward buff card, Ruthless Raider is quick aggression, and Ember Maiden is a cheap Area of Effect card capable of dealing with small and severely weakened enemies. Lastly, Stormclaw Ursine is a strong Overwhelm unit pushing the Freljord in an aggressive direction by granting all units with five or more attack power the Overwhelm keyword too.


Image Source: Riot Games


Legends of Runeterra is ramping up towards its full release later this month, on April 30. The new, yet-to-be-named expansion is supposed to go live on April 28. Earlier this week Riot Games already revealed another new champion joining the lineup: Quinn.

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