KT Aiming on TusiN's beard: "Since I’ve seen him like that for such a long time, I forgot how he used to look (Laughs)."

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On April 10th (KST), kt Rolster defeated T1 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. It was a crucial win for kt Rolster; as of this win, they secured an advantage among the teams competing for a spot in the playoffs. After the match, the players of the games, jungler Kim “bonO” Gi-beom and bot laner Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram were interviewed.



How do you feel winning the telecom match and stopping the losing streak?


bonO: It’s a relief that we were able to win, stopping our losing streak. I think we’ll be able to play more confidently in the future through this win.


Aiming: I fee good that we stopped the losing streak and that we won against a strong team, T1.

Was there anything specific that you focused on for today’s match?


bonO: Our head coach pointed out a few things that he wanted us to do. We tried to do that through our plays and eventually were able to win.

Many people didn’t expect much from today’s match. Was your head coach’s feedback effective?


bonO: Yes. We only did what he told us. (Can you share what it is?) Unfortunately, no.

The macro was really good today. Who made the shotcalls? Was it jungler bonO?


bonO: Our laners give each other much information and we all think of the lanes altogether before we move.

Has TusiN shaved yet? You had a 2-game losing streak.


Aiming: Since I’ve seen him like that for such a long time, I forgot how he used to look (Laughs).

Game 2 was really interesting. You suffered a loss in a big fight in bot lane. How was the situation?


Aiming: We did have confidence that we could win if we fight. Although we knew that there was a ward behind, we were complacent. We knew that it wasn’t good if we were hit from behind, but we still fought. It seemed that we lost the fight so we gave up everything and ran away.



Aiming ran away the earliest, the furthest.


Aiming: Since we lost the fight, I ran away thinking this isn’t winnable. There was nothing else I could have done.

Although you lost to Deft and HyBriD, you beat Teddy today.


Aiming: Our team was all confident. When we had the 2-game losing streak, we were all a bit arrogant. So we thought that we should be back to our beginning mindset. Still, since I beat Teddy today in bot lane, I think it’s alright to be confident.

Your remaining matches are against SANDBOX Gaming and Gen.G. Any last comments?


bonO: We experienced both winning and losing streaks. I think it was a big help winning today. I’ll do my best to work hard to do better and win our future matches.


Aiming: I feel good that we can have a new start by stopping the losing streak. Thank you to all the fans who cheer for us.

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