DRX Keria: "It would be hard for us to be 1st or 2nd on our own, so I hope T1 and Gen.G slip."

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On the 10th (KST), DragonX squeezed by DAMWON Gaming in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. It was a 2-1 victory where DragonX had an extreme turnaround with 26 HP left on their Nexus. DragonX support Ryu “Keria” Min-seok had a splendid performance and was voted as the player of the game.



Congratulations on the win. How do you feel?


Although I made several mistakes, I’m happy that we were able to win. I was personally in a bad condition recently and I didn’t feel well before the match today, but I feel good that I got the player of the game.

Did you feel better while you were playing?


After Deft tapped my back while I threw up, I felt better.

Let’s talk about the last moment. Did you predict that it would happen that way?


I snowballed well early in the game but made too many mistakes in the mid-late game so I knew it would be difficult. At the last Baron fight, the engage seemed to be good so we thought it was the last fight and fought. But after we disengaged, they used Teleport so we were worried and ran back to our base. Fortunately, we were able to stop them. When we were running home, we thought we lost. If Bard was able to use one more auto attack, the Nexus would have been blown.

Did you think you would win if you stop Bard?


Yes, I thought all we had to do was stop Bard.

Chovy played Azir. How did you discuss that pick within the team?


As many strong teams played Azir, it seemed that his tier was high. Chovy can play any champion well and he played Azir in scrims a few times, so we picked him. The reason we picked Azir again was that everyone liked Azir and Chovy said that he was confident playing him. I thought if he’s confident, it’s all good. I’m only worried about myself doing well.

Keria has a very wide champion pool. Which is your favorite champion?


In official matches, I like Thresh the best. (How about solo queue?) I don’t know recently. Last year and early this year, my favorite was Lux, but after I messed up in round 1…

As of today, you got your 12th win. What’s your goal for the rest of the season?


I thought if we did well against DAMWON, we would do well in the remaining matches. It’s a relief that we won. It would be hard for us to be 1st or 2nd on our own, so I hope T1 and Gen.G slip. I’ll do my best preparing the remaining matches.

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