AF Kiin: "I feel like with this win, a lot of weight has been lifted off our shoulders."

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 9th (KST), Afreeca Freecs took on Griffin in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. With a set score of 2-0, Afreeca took down Griffin to finally end their long losing streak, while Griffin is almost guaranteed to be in the LCK Relegation Tournament.


The two players that were named POG of the series, Jelly and Kiin, joined the official LCK broadcast for a post-match interview.


Congratulations on tonight’s victory. How does it feel to finally end the losing streak?


Kiin: Our performances have been very poor in Round 2, but we’re glad that we’re one step further away from avoiding the Relegation Tournament.


Jelly: We’ve been setting a grand record in another way, so I’m really glad that we were able to stop the losing streak.

There were many different starting lineups in Round 2. How did tonight’s roster come to be?


Kiin: We’ve tried many different variations of our starting lineup, but they were all pretty bad. Amidst our attempt to try various things, tonight’s roster was picked and was able to take the victory.

Jelly, your Alistar was incredible tonight. Nowadays, isn’t it hard to initiate like you did tonight?


Jelly: The champions in the current meta deal with champions that come in directly, just like Alistar, very well. However, our coaching staff told us to try Alistar out, and it worked out.

You were very bold in initiating fights with Alistar, and the CC chain that followed left us in awe. What did the team talk about before you started those fights?


Jelly: In the fights where I went in first, I told them that I’m going to go in first when I see a good angle to go in. If I have Flash, I go in first, and my teammates follow me.

Thoughts on Kalista Top?


Kiin: She’s definitely very strong in lane. However, in Game 2, I blew Flash during the laning phase, so I couldn’t pressure my enemy laner properly. If you can avoid situations like that, it’s a pretty viable pick.

Today marked the first victory for Kalista Top in the LCK. Can you share how it was during the draft?


KIin: Kalista is a fun champion, so I practiced her a lot, and kept asking the coaches if I can play her.

With the end of this long losing streak, not only does Afreeca avoid the Relegations Tournament by taking two wins, but also can potentially lock in a spot in the playoffs. However, DRX and T1 are the two teams that stand in your way.


Kiin: Although our team’s recent performances have been very poor, I feel like with this win, a lot of weight has been lifted off our shoulders, so I think we can enjoy the rest of our upcoming matches.

Jelly, you look very grim tonight. As long as you play like you did tonight, don’t you think you can produce great results?


Jelly: As long as I continue to play like I did in Game 1, I think I can put on great performances.

Lastly, any words you’d like to share with your fans?


Kiin: We know that we’re underperforming hard in Round 2, so we’ll make sure to end the rest of our matches on a win.


Jelly: We finally broke our losing streak and won, so we’ll make sure to perform well in the rest of our upcoming matches. Although we’d like to go to the playoffs, even if we can’t, we’ll make sure to prepare for the next season and perform better.

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