GRF Ucal: "Honestly, whenever I played Zoe in official matches, I really sucked (Laughs)."

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On the 8th (KST), Griffin defeated DAMWON Gaming 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. It seemed that Griffin’s long slump has finally ended completely. In the match, Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon was voted as player of the game and was interviewed by the casters’ desk.



How do you feel about today’s match?


I’m happy that we beat DAMWON Gaming who I thought is better than us. Our matches were always no fun up to now, but I feel good that today’s match was quite alright.

When you said, “Guys, ring the victory bell!” in the comms, how did it feel?

*Note: “Guys, ring the victory bell!” (얘들아, 승전보 울려라) is the opening lyrics of Dudundunga, TFT Mobile video sung by Mushvenom.


I saw that our opponent seemed to be intimidated, so I said that. That song is really popular within our team recently as well.

The team atmosphere should be a lot better now. How is it?


As we lost 10 straight matches, the team atmosphere was very gloomy. We became closer to each other and now that we're winning, it's a lot better.

We heard that you had a small activity as well.


Everyone was very depressed so our head coach showed us all a movie for motivation. I think we were able to get closer through that movie.

We heard it was a movie about American football. It doesn't seem like a movie that you would have wanted to watch. Was it fun?


The movie was also about a team that's on a losing streak, so it felt like what was happening to us and was more interesting.

In Game 2, you picked Zoe, a champion that you haven't won with this season. How was it?


Honestly, whenever I played Zoe in official matches, I really sucked (Laughs). I feel good that I played better than I expected.

How do your teammates react when you say you'll play champions that don't have a good record, like Tarzan's Lee Sin or Ucal's Zoe?


They joke around saying, "Let's play Zoe Lee Sin in our mid-jungle! Then what's the record? Zero-what?" I hope that Tarzan's Lee Sin can also get a win later on.

Your remaining matches are against Afreeca Freecs and Hanwha Life Esports. How do you think it'll go?


We will show them who the king of the underdogs is. Even if we were to go to the relegation match, it's the karma of our 10-game losing streak. We'll just have to accept it. That's that, and I'd like to deliver a fun match.

Last comments?


The mid-jungle-support are all in the process of building synergy... It may be difficult to watch us, but we'll do our best so that our remaining matches are more interesting to watch. Thank you.

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