KDM SSol: "I think we can beat everyone in IEM"


On the seventeenth day of 2017 LCK Spring Split, Kongdoo Monster finally broke free of their 21-match-long losing streak by defeating Jin Air Green Wings with a 2-1 record.

On KDM's way to victory, Minhyuk "Punch" Son did counterjungling very well in Game 1 and Hosung "Edge" Lee made several clutch plays to lead the team to victory in Game 2. However, none of these would have been possible to begin with without Jinsol "SSol" Seo's stable performance.

Here is our interview with SSol.

Congratulations on breaking your losing streak! How are you feeling right now?

I'm really glad that we've finally managed to win a match after a long wait. I hope we would win our next match as well.

Your teammates seem to be having too many ups and down.

We've had too many matches where things somehow went wrong despite picking the right champions. That's why it was hard for us to follow through our plans and make proper plays.

Your macromanagement was commendable during the first game. Why hasn't it been like this until now?

It's similar to what I've just said. We just needed to play accordingly to our well-drafted composition, but things often went wrong before we had a chance to do macro plays.

Until now, Edge seemed a bit shaky, presumably affected by Punch's performance. What was the reason behind his slump?

There used to be a bit of communication problem between Edge and Punch, but it's gotten a lot better now. I think they are doing better now that they have formed a trust with each other.

Kanghee "Roach" Kim doesn't seem to be doing well in the laning phase.

He does well in scrims, but I think he often goes through a stage fright. I think he needs more experience as a pro player. When in scrims, he does well with DPS champions and often wins the laning phase.

Your matchup against Jinsung "Teddy" Park drew quite a bit of attention, since you both are the key players for the team.

I didn't think of it that way before the match, but I guess I've won the matchup today since I did pretty well in the bot lane.

What would you give yourself out of ten for today's performance?

I'll give myself nine out of ten. I could have done better in Game 2, but I did pretty well in Game 1 and 3. Right? (Laughs)

Your performance hasn't been as good as it had been during the last IEM. Could it be that you needed time to get adjusted to the new coaching staffs?

Yes, I think we needed some time, but we are in sync now. The head coach is an expert at drafting, and his playstyle fits well into ours.

What is your goal for IEM Katowice 2017?

We are aiming to win it. There aren't any teams that I'm particularly wary of, and I think we can beat everyone in IEM - even EDG.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else to say?

While we finally got our long-awaited victory today, we will continue to do our best without getting it to our heads.

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