Quinn & Valor scout the way in new Legends of Runeterra set

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


Quinn is one of the first champions to ever hit Summoner's Rift in League of Legends, and now, Demacia's Wings are spreading further to a new realm. Quinn & Valor are joining Legends of Runeterra in the newest set of cards.




The core aspect of Quinn's kit is to be able to summon her eagle, Valor, to aid her in battle and provide her with a massive boost of speed in the form of flight. When Quinn is summoned in Legends of Runeterra, Valor will immediately hit the map as well for a nice +1 card advantage. After Quinn has leveled up by seeing her opponent attack four times, she will be able to summon Valor anytime she attacks, and the eagle will challenge the strongest enemy. 


One of Quinn's core abilities in League of Legends, Blinding Assault, has also made its way to LoR. Blinding Assault is a slow, but will also summon Valor. Quinn won't be the only new scout to come to Legends of Runeterra for players who love to play towards card advantage. Greathorn Companion, Grizzled Ranger, Greenfang Warden and Grizzled Ranger are all new Scouts, and the latter's Last Breath ability allows the player to summon a 4/4 Loyal Badgerbear. 




Legends of Runeterra is currently playable through Riot Games' League of Legends client, but on April 30 the game will end its Open Beta phase and officially go live on PC, Android, and iOS devices, fully supporting cross-platform play.

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