League of Legends Patch 10.8: Passive Junglers, skins, Fiddlesticks & more!


Riot Games has announced its changes and reworks for patch 10.8. Here you will find all you need to know regarding meta changes affecting junglers, the new Coven skins, Fiddlesticks' learning curve and hotfixes, as well as the increase on dodging penalties and improvements on matchmaking.


Be less aggressive, Jungler!


Upcoming changes to Jungle items like Hunter's Talisman, Hunter's Machete, Stalker's Blade and Skirmisher's Sabre will require players to have a more passive strategy when it comes to farming. Junglers will see a lower gank power in the early game, with a slight decrease in champion kill experience for non-solo kills in the early stages on top of small homeguards effect for champions killed in the early game. 


In an attempt to stabilize the Jungle meta for the upcoming patches, Riot will also increase the experience from farming, to address middle and late game, where junglers experienced a decrease in performance. When Junglers’ health is low, starter items will see an increased sustain, to assist with the early game.


Welcome to the Coven!


Riot Games released the new Coven skins for LeBlanc, Morgana and Zyra, following the release of previous versions with Camille and Lissandra. New models, textures, VFX and SFX, animations and voice overs will be available. The skins will be available on PBE soon.


Coven Morgana, available for 1820 RP
Coven Zyra, available for 1350 RP
Coven LeBlanc, available for 1350 RP


Matchmaking and Dodging




Dodging a lobby during champion select can damage player experience by sending all remaining nine players back into an even longer queue to get their games started. Due to increased frequency and lack of punishment, Riot has decided to extend the “repeated dodge timeout” as well as maximize LP penalties to curb the situation.




The release of Duo Parity in patch 10.7, uneven duos have been reduced by a  large amount, from 54% of games to 8%. Riot will continue to develop its matchmaking, ranked and player behavior features in the future.


Here comes Fiddlesticks!



Riot Games is analyzing the impact of the newly reworked Fiddlesticks to the game. After the patch, if necessary, they will work on a hotfix to either buff or nerf as necessary, and after the first week, the developers will make a decision to see if these changes will be maintained in the upcoming patches. The developer team predicts that Fiddlesticks’ win rates will increase in the first week due to the unique jungle playstyle, but after players are used to counters, the curve should normalize.


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