SB GorillA: "I think that there was a bit of the 'EU fiesta' left in me."

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On April 4th (KST), SANDBOX Gaming took on Hanwha Life Esports in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. SB was able to take down HLE 2-1 to take the victory, and while SB was able to get out of their 3 match losing streak, HLE fell to a 4 match losing streak.


The POGs of the series, GorillA and Summit, joined the official LCK broadcast for a post-match interview.



Tonight’s match wasn’t easy. How does it feel to take the victory?


Summit: Relegations were on the line, so I gave it my all tonight.

GorillA, you were named POG for the first time tonight.


GorillA: I played poorly on Rakan last time, so I’m glad that I got to redeem myself.

You lost via HLE’s backdoor in Game 1. What happened?


GorillA: Since I’m from EU, I think that there was a bit of the 'EU fiesta' left in me.


Summit: I was bewildered to see Dove die under turret. Still, I’m glad that we won the series.

The team sometimes lost when they had Dragon Soul, so some said that SB purposely didn’t take the Dragon Soul in Game 1.


Summit: I think that was because we didn’t have the best RNG on Dragons.


GorillA: When we’re ahead, we tend to not roll Ocean Soul, but Cloud Souls, so we complain about it a lot.

In Game 3, there was a Kassadin and a Brand on HLE’s Mid and Support respectively. How did the team think about the picks?


Summit: We played well in both Game 1 and 2, so we believed that as long as we played our game, we’d win.


GorillA: We also tried Brand in practice, but it didn’t work out for us. We thought to ourselves that although the enemy picked Kassadin, as long as we took all the Dragons, there weren’t going to be any problems.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?


Summit: It’s been a while since I received POG, so I’ll make sure to work hard and receive POG in the rest of our upcoming matches as well.

How about you, GorillA?


GorillA: It kind of feels like I’m wearing Pray’s shoes last year. I’ll work hard to not only avoid relegations, but win the rest of our matches to potentially get into playoffs as well.

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