T1 Cuzz: "I’ve always played the way my team wants... Usually, in solo queue, I enjoy playing defensively to scale and carry."


On the 3rd (KST), T1 defeated Griffin 2-1 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. With the win, T1 had extended their winning streak to five matches. Moon "Cuzz" Woo-chan was regretful that they weren't able to win 2-0, mentioning that multiple times in the interview with Inven Global.



You won 2-1 today. How do you feel?


It’s regretful that we weren’t able to win easily even though there was a big difference in standings. Even so, I feel good about winning.

Many people were surprised when you lost Game 1. What was the most regretful?


Everything was, but mostly, I think our teamfights weren’t good. We should have made more detailed shotcalls about how to start teamfights. We lost what we should have won.

Tarzan picked Lee Sin even if his record isn’t that good. As a jungler yourself, why do you think he picked Lee Sin?


Many jungle champions were banned and if they didn’t have jungle initiative, the game would have snowballed too quickly. I think he picked Lee Sin because Lee Sin could fight against Jarvan IV in the early game a bit.

Yesterday, you had an amazing match against Gen.G. The opponent was former T1 jungler, Clid. How was it playing against him?


I felt the same during Round 1. Since Clid is an amazing player, I was quite nervous. Gen.G is a strong team as well so it wasn’t easy.

Ellim is also doing well. As you’re in the same team, what’s the difference between you and Ellim as a jungler?


I don’t know about the difference that much. I think Ellim tries to gank more often and is more aggressive. I don’t know about other stuff.

Faker had said that the reason Cuzz was conservative was because of the team play and that he doesn’t think that Cuzz is a defensive player. What do you think?


I’ve always played the way my team wants. If the team wanted me to be aggressive, I did. Usually, in solo queue, I enjoy playing defensively to scale and carry.

Faker also had said that Cuzz is like a secret weapon.


Ellim doesn’t have that much experience, so when Ellim played, Faker said that. If I play, Ellim would become a secret weapon and when he plays, vise-versa.

Fiddlesticks and Wukong were reworked. What do you think of the two changed champions?


I haven’t played Fiddlesticks yet, but the skillset doesn’t seem bad. I think Wukong is a good champion. I played him a few times. He’s good in teamfights and his ganks are better than before. Jungling is good so I think he’d be good for players who jungle for the first time. The global ban would probably be lifted in summer. I believe he would appear then.

Although you beat 1st place Gen.G twice, you didn’t win 2-0 today so you would still be anxious. Which of the remaining games are you aware of the most?


Our next match is against DAMWON Gaming. Although they aren’t high in the standings, they’re a good team. I hope we can show our plays well by preparing well. I’d also like it if we improve parts where we didn’t do well and try new things too.

Is there a jungler that you often watch for reference?


I don’t pick a specific jungler and watch them. I usually try to see how junglers play in the main matches and absorb the strengths.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


Although we won today, I still have a lot of regrets. I’ll practice keeping those regrets in mind. Thank you for always cheering for us.

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