SKT Blank: "I’m now confident that I can make my plays"

On February 14th (KST), SKT T1 came back agasint Longzhu Gaming 2-1 in the second matchup of Day 16 LCK Spring Split 2017 held at Nexon Arena after dropping Game 1. Sungu “Blank” Kang, who was subbed in from Game 2, showed consistent plays that led the team to victory.

Below is our post-match press interview with Blank.



How does it feel to get back in the game after a while?

First off, I feel pretty good to be back playing. Winning makes it about ten times better. I guess I was carried today, though. [laughs]

Any reason for playing Kha’Zix for both games today?

I’m comfortable on Kha’Zix, and I think he’s very competitive now. That’s why I drafted him without hesitation. Since I’m on the top of my games, I think I can play well on any champion.

Is there a special reason for your improved form?

Whether I realized or not, I was under a constant pressure last year. This year, though, I couldn’t feel more relaxed. I used to worry sick about my plays, but now I enjoy playing the game. I guess I’m able to keep my composure. I’m now confident that I can make my plays.

Has the coach hinted at the possibility of playing today?

I believe I can be subbed in at any time, so I always do my best to prepare.

Why do you think the jungler was substituted in?

It wasn’t particularly about how Peanut played. However, my team made a couple wrong calls. I was subbed in to change up the tone because the opponent played flawlessly.

You seem quite fond of your nickname, Jam-gu.

I used to hate it because I felt like people were making fun of me. I love it now because it gives people a clear image of myself, and I’m enjoying it. I’d much rather prefer to have a character.

Could we expect to see you play soon?

I think it’s entirely possible under right circumstances. You can count on it.

Anything you’d like to say?

I hope you come and watch my stream because I’m trying my best to make it entertaining.

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