After 224 days of absence, Kassadin returns to the Mid lane in the LCK

Source: Riot Games

After 224 days of absence, Kassadin returned to the Mid lane in the LCK.


On the 2nd (KST), in the match between DAMWON Gaming vs Hanwha Life Esports, DWG’s Mid laner, ShowMaker, picked Kassadin in the second game of the series and won the game. It was a one-sided victory from DWG, and ShowMaker also put on a good performance on Kassadin as well.


The last time that Kassadin appeared was on Aug. 23rd, 2019, in the match between SKT T1 and SANDBOX Gaming. After Faker picked Kassadin eight months ago, it was not seen in the LCK until today. Because of how the Mid lane Champions that excel in roaming took over Mid lane, Kassadin did not fit the meta because of how he lacked the time to scale into late game.


However, recent patches have made the games in competitive play go on for a lot longer, and the possibility of Kassadin being picked in the future has gone up. Currently, in the LPL, Kassadin was picked 38 times, and has a KDA record of 3.8 and a 47,4% win rate, making him a viable pick.


When Kassadin scales well into the late game, his carry threat is one of the most lethal in the game. This is why many analysts think that he fits well into the drawn out games in the LCK. With Kassadin’s return to the LCK, it’ll be curious to see how other LCK teams will be able to utilize him in the remainder of Round 2.

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