T1 Faker on sedans vs sports cars: "I like what’s comfortable. I focus on cars' functions. I don’t mind how it looks."

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On the 1st of April (KST), T1 brought down Gen.G Esports 2-1 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. The games were quite close as it was a battle between the top two teams. Although they lost Game 1 in a big turnaround, T1 secured the following games to deny Gen.G’s winning streak. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Kim “Canna” Chang-dong showed remarkable performances and were voted as players of the game.



Congratulations on the win. How do you feel defeating Gen.G who was in 1st place?


Faker: We were quite worried and felt a lot of pressure about playing against Gen.G. Since we won, the happiness is double.


Canna: I’m happy that we won. I had said that we would win 2-0 but it’s a bit regretful that we won 2-1.


Faker: I believe he’s just showing confidence, so it’s positive.

In Game 2, T1 had an early lane swap to speed up the game.


Faker: Our bot duo does that kind of Herald plays well. We mostly had the initiative. Since the Herald appears early, that kind of strategy is attempted often.

The Aphelios quadra kill must have been very regretful for you.


Faker: We could have ended the game in that situation, but I think we all were a bit too excited at the fact that we’re beating Gen.G. So I think we all made a few mistakes.


Canna: I heard what Faker said and I deeply agree.

The draft mind game in mid lane was also quite interesting. Mid Akali doesn’t appear that often, but you still played her. Why was that?


Faker: I play many different champions during practice. Akali seemed quite alright in our comp. We banned Zoe since the initiative can bounce around randomly.

Some fans compared today’s match as a fight between a luxury sedan and a sports car. Which do you prefer?


Faker: I like what’s comfortable. I focus on cars' functions. I don’t mind how it looks.


Canna: I personally like what’s fast. I prefer games that are fast-paced as well.

Canna’s Sylas was amazing today. Especially, the Ornn ults that you stole were better than the original.


Canna: I was really confident about playing Sylas since I practiced a lot.


Faker: Canna is quite good at Sylas. He doesn’t get ganked much… Apart from Sylas, I think he just played the game well today.

(To Faker) How do you think your form is recently?


Faker: From the beginning of Round 1, I’ve been playing thinking that I’m the best in the LCK. I don’t mind how other people react so I’m full of confidence right now.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


Canna: I may have done well today, but you never know. I’ll practice harder with today’s games in mind so that I can deliver better performances in the future.

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