DRX Deft makes important announcement on April 1st: "I'm an alpaca."


DragonX defeated SANDBOX Gaming 2-1 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split match on the 1st (KST). SANDBOX put up a good fight and took Game 2, but DragonX came back strong in the last game to secure the win. DragonX bot laner Kim “Deft” Hyuk-gyu had top-notch performances on Varus, Ezreal, and Senna today. He joined Inven Global in an online interview after the match.


How do you feel about today's win?


We were desperate for wins recently. Apart from our performance, I feel good that we got the win.

You may have been surprised after losing Game 2. What didn't go well and how was the feedback?


Our picks had lane priority and the comp was alright depending on how we fight. But their Aphelios scaled too well.

Senna was nerfed but DragonX still picked Senna-Tahm Kench over Kalista-Taric. Is 'fasting Senna' better than Kalista?


It wasn't practiced that much during practice, but I thought Senna was designed better.

It is known that the DragonX team house is kind of a madhouse, so it may be more comfortable playing online than playing in the arena. How is it?


Personally, I prefer playing in the arena since I'm tense and make fewer mistakes. But now we've been playing online for a while; I've adapted so there's not that big of a difference. It's convenient that the clothes are comfortable and that the bathroom is close.

Many people are giving good evaluations to Keria even though he's a rookie. As his bot duo, how is Keria?


I heard that Keria was criticized because of his in-game chat. I've been playing with him for a while; he has nothing close to being arrogant. It's regretful that he had a small issue. If he did something wrong, it's blameable, but it's unfortunate that he gained a negative reputation.

Did you have deep conversations with cvMax about the coronavirus?


When the season starts, there's not much time to talk with cvMax separately. We're busy practicing, so I wasn't able to talk with him much.

The coronavirus is spreading throughout the world. How did you endure social distancing?


Since I'm a gamer, I originally didn't go out much. There wasn't much that changed. I just practiced in the team house and order delivery food. I was already so used to that life.

You also made a donation for coronavirus relief. How did you decide to do so?


It was when the media was focusing on the seriousness of the coronavirus. My mother suggested that I should donate to a good foundation to help. I also wanted to help in some way and she helped me so that I can.

The remaining matches for DragonX this week are kt Rolster, who's on a great streak and Gen.G Esports, the top team. Which team are you looking out for more?


KT is on a good roll, yes, but I haven't beat Gen.G in my new team yet so I'm aware of them more. Ruler is doing quite well too. They're a team without any holes.

Lastly, how about an April Fool's joke?


Actually, I'm an alpaca.

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