AF Blue adam: "I think we will now be able to show what we are capable of."


Afreeca Freecs Blue won 3-1 against Cloud9 in today's matchup, showing timely switch of team formations yet maintaining strategical stability in general. AF Blue's adam stood in the middle as the team's tank, maintaining the ground on which the rest of the team could show what they were capable of.

Below is the post-match press interview with Yoonsik "adam" Kim.


How does it feel to win against C9?

I know C9 is a strong team, and I am glad that we won while we weren't sure if we could win. I hope our other matches would also turn out well.


What do you think was your strength in KotH maps?

C9 tends to play with a lot of DPS heroes, and I think we could win today because our DPS were better.


It had been three weeks since C9 played its last match. Is there any special aspect in your preparation for today's matchup?

We picked Reaper after seeing the enemy go with triple tank meta, only to see them go with triple DPS in the actual match. We already knew how to deal with such strategy, so we were able to come up with countermeasures.


Why do you think you lost in Numbani?

We played without Lucio in Point A, and I think that did not turn out well because we lost track of the flow of battle. Our gap in ult management just didn't close through the end. C9 came up with Torbjorn, and that's when our composition was good at shutting down heroes with low mobility. We thought we could win when we looked at the enemy team composition.


AF Blue played Bastion today. What is your personal opinion on choosing Bastion today?

It was ArHaN's personal decision. C9 came up with triple tank, so he picked Bastion thinking that doing so would effectively shut them down. I think we will be seeing Bastion more frequently in upcoming APEX matches. His DPS is solid, and he can also heal himself while moving around. I think teams will use Bastion more frequently especially when they are on offense.


What heroes would we see less frequently ever since the patch hits live?

I think Roadhog would be less popular. I also think it would be possible for Mercy to get more spotlight than Lucio.


There is Adam also in C9. How does it feel to play against a player with the same name?

We already met each other in Competitive, which we lost. I wanted to win the matchup today and show that I'm the real adam.


Your next matchup is against CONBOX Spirit. How are you going to prepare?

CONBOX has solid tanks, and I think it would be hard to say that we will win. I think we would be able to barely win the fight 3-1 or 3-2 if all of us show our best and come together as a team.


Last words?

We went through rebuilds before coming to Season 2. We are now friends with each other, so I think we will now be able to show what we are capable of.

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