[Call of Duty: Warzone] All about contracts - Which ones should be prioritized?


In former battle royale genre games, the main objective was to farm and survive. In Call of Duty: Warzone, there’s a lot more to do than just that. You can collect money as you farm which you can spend at Buy Stations. Money is lootable in all areas over the map, and they have another unique contract system where you can clear objectives to gain more money and perks throughout the round.


There are three types of contracts: Bounty, Scavenger, and Recon. Each contract has a different objective and reward. Especially now that calling in loadouts became slightly more expensive ($8,500), completing contracts would give you a boost towards it. One thing to keep in mind is that you can only activate one contract at a time.



ScavengerFirst contract to look for after initial drop

▲ These Supply Boxes are only visible to you and your teammates.


Scavenger contracts are marked as magnifying glasses on the map. Once you start the contract, you have to find three crates nearby in order. Each time you open a crate, you can find items and cash that are helpful early in the game. At least one gas mask is guaranteed when you open the last crate.



You would want to find a location with a Scavenger contract in your initial drop since when you start the contract, those crates are designated for you and only visible to you. These crates drop slightly better weapons than ordinary crates and when you complete contracts, you gain extra money. It’s best to complete these contracts when you first drop or when you return from the Gulag.


BountyBored? Hunt down a targeted enemy

▲ Your target is marked on the map in a yellow circle.


Bounty contracts are simple. Find and eliminate a certain target within three minutes. Even if your target is killed by another player, you still gain money but less. The moment you start a Bounty contract, your target is marked on your map in a yellow circle. When you kill your target and enough time is left, the bounty will shift to another member of the target's squad for an even bigger reward. On the other hand, if you become the target of an enemy, you will be alerted by an indicator that lets you know how dangerous the situation is on three levels. If you survive the pursuit, you will get rewarded instead. 


For the Bounty Contracts, there isn’t much benefit to gain compared to the risks you have to go through. However, it may be the most exciting way to spend your time while waiting for the next circle and a great way to push the players to fight against each other as the game progresses.


ReconForetell where the next circle will be


If you activate a Recon contract, you and your team need to locate and secure the objective area marked on the map. You simply need to be in the objective area to complete the contract. However, once one of your teammates enter the objective area, a flare is launched, giving away your location. Having more teammates in the area makes the gauge fill faster, so gather around to make it quicker.


▲ A flare is launched when an ally steps in the objective area


The biggest advantage of this contract is that when you complete it, the next circle appears on the map. If you complete more Recons, showing another circle within the previous one. You won't need to predict where the next circle would close down. This will give you a significant advantage in finding tactical locations to win the Warzone... Unless others completed more Recon contracts.


Contract BonusesMore contracts completed means more rewards

▲ If you complete the third contract, the bonus is +80%


When you complete any Contract, you can gain a Contract Bonus which gives you extra money, experience, and higher chances for better loot when completing the next contracts. In easy words, the more Contracts you complete, the more reward you get. You can check the bonus rate of your next contract after finishing the previous contract. The bonus rate for the current contract is marked below the minimap.


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