KT Aiming: "Truth be told, I’m confident with all Marksman Champions. (Not just on Ezreal, but) I think I can outperform anyone else."

Image Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 29th (KST), KT Rolster took on Afreeca Freecs in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. After suffering a five match losing streak in Round 1, KT made a huge comeback and was tied for 4th alongside Afreeca. However, with a stellar performance by Aiming in Game 1 and 3, not only was KT able to solely claim their spot in 4th place, they also extended their match win streak to 7 games.


KT’s Bot laner, Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram, was named POG for Game 1 and 3, and joined the broadcast for his POG interview.


Congratulations on your stellar performance today. How do you feel?


It feels good to defeat my previous team.

Game 3 was a long one. Did the team feel like they were ahead? Or did you guys feel that it was going to be a close one?


We knew we won since the draft. Although the execution was a little off, I told them that I’ll carry in the late game, because I knew we were going to win.

Is there a certain Champion that KT feels indestructible on?


Perhaps Jarvan IV? Also, if I can survive, then we’ll win.

It also seems to be the case when you’re playing Ezreal. Do you feel that there’s anyone else that’s better than you on Ezreal?


Truth be told, I’m confident with all Marksman Champions. (Not only Ezreal, but) I think I can outperform anyone else.

There’s an interesting correlation between KT’s standings and your performance. How much impact does a Bot laner have on the team’s standings?


I think it’s definitely very important, but the team’s standings are ultimately based on how well our Jungler performs.

Who do you think was the key player in today’s victory?


Oh, it’s definitely me (laughter).

Kiin played different champions and pressured SoHwan. How did you foresee the matchup between SoHwan and Kiin?


I actually played a lot of 1 vs 1s against Kiin, and I beat him on multiple occasions. I gave him the recipe on how to beat Kiin, so I think that’s why he won tonight.

KT’s now on a 7-match win streak. What’s the secret behind it?


We stayed level headed when we were on a 5-match loss streak, and told ourselves to have the mindset of how we were in the beginning. Through non-League activities, such as playing board games and going to escape rooms, we ended up talking a lot and I think they helped a lot.

Lastly, please share your confidence and your resolutions for KT’s upcoming matches.


I’d like to thank all the fans that stuck by us when the team was on the losing streak. Both the players and the coaching staff are working incredibly hard, so please continue to send your support.

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