APK HyBriD: "We’re all really close, so although no one would feel salty over stealing the Penta, I think that the feeling of unison was bigger within the team."


On the 29th (KST), APK Prince took on SANDBOX Gaming in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. In Game 2, APK was up 1-0, but because of an early deficit, it looked as if the series was going to a Game 3. However, APK was able to turn things around by catching out the enemy Jungler near the Baron Pit, and with a Pentakill scored by the Bot laner of APK, Lee “HyBriD” Woo-jin, not only was he was able to deal 45.7K damage to enemy Champions in Game 2, APK was able to close out the series 2-0 over SANDBOX.


The following is the interview with the POG for both games, HyBriD.


Congratulations on the victory. Can you tell us how the flow of Game 2 went?


Although we were behind, we knew that as time went on, our team composition outscaled the enemy’s comp. 

Your damage against enemy champions was incredible. Some call you the “Damage Dealing Machine of the East”.


Although I did perform well, I was able to be more confident because of my trust in my team. I’m really happy.


▲ The 'East' refers to being on the right side of the standings. Image Source: LCK


You scored a Pentakill. Did you predict that you will get a Penta?


I knew that as soon as I got the Triple, I would be able to get it, because I still had Flash and won the teamfight.

We heard someone saying “Give it”. Can you say something to your team?


I don’t remember who it was, but I heard it as well. This was my first Pentakill. We’re all really close, so although no one would feel salty over stealing the Penta, I think that the feeling of unison was bigger within the team.

While on the topic of voice comms, the order during Baron seemed to be divided.


Flawless said to keep the enemy Sejuani away, but I think he said that because he didn’t want to coinflip a Smite fight. The rest of the team just said to burst it, and I also thought that bursting it was the right call, so I kept damaging the Baron. I did what I thought was right, because I knew there was no way we’d lose in that situation.

The synergy with ikssu’s Zilean was on point. Between ikssu’s Zilean and Illaoi, which champion is more trustworthy?


No matter which champion he plays, he’s a very trustworthy teammate. When ikssu’s on Illaoi, there are these angles to the plays that he can only see, and when he’s on Zilean, he makes me more confident in the plays I make, so both of those champions are reliable.

Which champion are you the most confident in? Will we perhaps see that champion in the near future?


I’m most confident with Vayne, and she’s also a Champion that I’d like to use to carry my future games as well.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?


I felt really bad for playing so terribly vs. DAMWON in our last match, but it feels better to perform better tonight. I’ll make sure to perform better so that I can get more interviews and have fun comms be on broadcast.

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