T1 Faker: "I think that Cuzz is like our secret weapon, so we saved the best for last."

Source: Official LCK broadcast


On the 30th (KST), T1 took on Hanwha Life Esports in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. With a set score of 2-1, T1 was able to defeat HLE. Both Ellim and Cuzz saw gameplay in today’s match, where Cuzz was subbed in for the rookie jungler after HLE managed to tie the score in Game 2.


Canna and Faker, the two players selected as Player of the Game in this series, joined the broadcast for an interview.



Congrats on the victory. You got your revenge on HLE for your defeat against them in Round 1.


Faker: It sucked to have lost against them in Round 1, but I’m glad that we were able to win this time. We lost in Game 2 of this series, so I was worried about Game 3, but I’m glad that we won.

Game 2 didn’t look easy. The result was quite shocking, as Game 1 was very one-sided. Can you tell us a little bit about Game 2?


Faker: We had a lot of early game dominant picks in Game 2, but we made a few mistakes, so the game became that much harder.

How did it feel to solo kill CuVee, who’s such a seasoned player in the LCK?


Canna: I think he got a little bit complacent. When I won, my heart was beating like crazy.

You were like an immovable object on Ornn in Game 1.


Canna: I was really fed, so when I hit Level 13, I played that teamfight near the Dragon pit thinking that I won’t die.

Why did Cuzz substitute in for Ellim in Game 3?


Faker: The coaching staff decided that it was best for him to be subbed in. I think that Cuzz is like our secret weapon, so we saved the best for last.

The consensus is that Ellim and Cuzz have very distinct playstyles. Although they say that Cuzz usually plays defensively, he was very aggressive in today’s series. Is he trying to switch up his playstyle?


Faker: Truth be told, the reason why Cuzz seemed so defensive in Round 1 was because he was trying to adjust his playstyle to the team. Currently, not only is the meta different, I personally don’t think he’s a defensive player. He just adjusted his style to match the flow of the game.

How about you, Canna? Between Ellim and Cuzz, which player do you think matches you better?


Canna: I’m not entirely sure. He was playing more defensively for all of Round 1, and today was the first time I saw him more aggressively. I think such an aggressive style fits him very well, and whether it’s Ellim or Cuzz, I just hope that they just babysit Top lane.

It must’ve not been easy to go for Ezreal with Flash up as Azir, but was your heart thumping when you managed to kill him near the end of Game 3? 


Faker: No, not really. I don’t have any affection for Ezreal, so that’s probably why my heart wasn’t beating so fast. I’m used to making such grand plays, and playing in an online format makes the job that much easier.

Your next opponent is Gen.G


Faker: Gen.G beat every team in Round 1 except for us. We’ll make sure to beat Gen.G to be first in the standings. 


Canna: Because Gen.G is such a strong team, I’m pretty nervous. I’ll make sure to ride this momentum to perform well.

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