SB Route on the internet disconnection: "This had never happened before and I was quite frustrated."

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SANDBOX Gaming defeated Griffin 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. As of this win, SANDBOX collected their fourth win of the season. Son “Punch” Min-hyuk and Moon “Route” Geom-su were voted as the players of the games and were interviewed by the casters’ desk.


Congrats on today’s win. It’s the first time you won two straight matches this season. How do you feel?


Route: We only had losing streaks up to now. It really feels good now that we’ve started a winning streak.

You played Vayne and did very well. How did you end up picking Vayne?


Route: I didn’t think that I would play Vayne, but the opponent picked a lot of tanks so I picked her.

Punch has been starting in Round 2 and the team’s been doing well. Why do you think you’re starting?


Punch: One of the biggest problems during the losing streak was that our team synergy wasn’t very good. Having us start maybe solved those problems.

What’s the reason you played the Gragas-Yasuo comp?


Punch: We had to pick mid and jungle for the fourth and fifth picks and the Gragas-Yasuo comp seemed good. Among the choices we had, we thought this was the pick with the highest possibility to win.

When you saw three of your opponents pick Exhaust, what did you think?


Punch: We thought of it positively; they could make a mistake and use all three Exhausts on one champion.

What advantage do you think you have over OnFleek?


Punch: OnFleek is also really good. I think I’ve just been lucky recently.

The internet was down for a moment in the SANDBOX Gaming team house today. What happened?


Route: This had never happened before and I was quite frustrated. But my teammates calmed me down so I wasn’t shaken up.

How do you think the remaining matches would go?


Route: I’ll prepare the remaining matches well and get to the playoffs.


Punch: I’d like to win the upcoming match against APK and get out of the danger of going to the relegation match. Also, I’d like to win more so that we can reach the playoffs.

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