Immortals Academy has been eliminated from Spring Playoffs contention

▲ Photo by Oshin Tudayan for Riot Games


Immortals Academy was eliminated from post-season contention in its penultimate game of the 2020 League of Legends Academy League Championship Series Spring Split. The team's 10th loss of the season to Dignitas Academy, as well as a few unfortunate head-to-head matchups, will mathematically bar IMT Academy from qualifying for the 2020 LCS Academy League Spring Playoffs.


IMT Academy Mid Laner David "Insanity" Challe had a strong performance on Rumble, but the rest of the team was unable to back him up and eventually, Dignitas Academy's superior scaling composition won the day after nearly 50 minutes of back and forth play. 


IMT Academy's loss indirectly punched the post-season tickets of both TSM Academy and 100 Thieves Academy, but it also spelled the end of Immortals' hopes of appearing in the 2020 LCS Academy League Spring Playoffs. IMT Academy is the second team to be eliminated from the post-season after Counter Logic Gaming Academy, who was eliminated after its 12th loss at the end of week 7.




Because of Immortals Academy's head-to-head record against a few specific teams, there is simply no way for the team to move onto the post-season. FLY Academy was able to defeat TL Academy to keep both its and Golden Guardians Academy's post-season hopes alive for another day, but IMT's poor results against TL Academy and FLY Academy are the final nail in its proverbial coffin.


If TL Academy lost its last game to Cloud9 Academy on Sunday, their record of 8-10 in this scenario would allow for some hope for teams on the fringe in the form of tiebreakers. However,  IMT Academy possesses an 0-2 head-to-head record against both TL Academy and FLY Academy. 


FLY Academy could also beat TL Academy today, only to lose to Golden Guardians tomorrow. If TL Academy lost to Cloud9 Academy in this scenario, a three-way tie for 6th place at 8-10 would be struck between GG Academy, TL Academy, and IMT Academy. IMT Academy possesses a 2-0 head-to-head over GG Academy, but TL Academy's 2-0 head-to-head record against both teams dashes any hopes for an IMT Academy miracle on the final day of the Spring Split.


Immortals Academy started off the 2020 LCS Academy League Spring Split strong with a 5-1 record in its first six games. Unfortunately, the team's slide was not slowed by a swap of AD Carries with the Immortals LCS roster, Apollo "Apollo" Price for Johnny "Altec" Ru, and thus, the IMT Academy squad will have to watch the post-season unfold from an outside perspective.

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