HLE Lehends: "It’s natural that I’m on the winning team."


On the 25th (KST), Hanwha Life Esports faced off against DragonX in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. With a set score of 2-1, HLE defeated DRX to end their losing streak. HLE proactively took skirmishes against DRX, and was even able to take a backdoor victory in Game 2.


The following is the interview with Son “Lehends” Si-woo, who received POG for both games.


How does it feel to start off by taking down DRX, a team that’s high up in the standings?


Because of the losing streak in Round 1, the team atmosphere wasn’t great, so it really feels good to end that losing streak with tonight’s victory.


The matches have switched to an online format. Do you think it’s working out in favor of your team? Or do you think the team needs more time to get adjusted to the new format?


I’m not too sure about the other teammates, but for me, I like playing in front of the loud crowd because it's more fun and gets me pumped up. Right now, it feels like we’re playing scrims, so while some players may like it, I personally wish it wasn’t the case.

Your opponent tonight was DRX, who was performing really well. Did you feel pressured at all before the match?


I don’t get nervous these days, so they didn’t seem like an intimidating foe at all.

Your lane opponent was Keria, the super rookie that everyone talks about. 


To be honest, I didn’t really think too much into it.

Whose order was it to end the game via backdooring in Game 2?


I think that everyone was thinking it. I was the first one to make the order, and I felt that as long as we delayed their recall, we could backdoor to win the game.

You’ve created a highlight reel, where you solo killed the enemy Kai’sa as Tahm Kench. How did you feel?


If you look at that moment as a whole, the team was in a disadvantageous state. Then, I saw Pyke recall, and Kai’sa was moving down, so I predicted that Kai’sa would recall in the bush. I approached Kai’sa thinking ‘If she’s not there, then whatever’, but I was lucky to predict correctly.

You must’ve felt pretty good to beat your former teammates and cvMax, your head coach. Does it feel even better to beat them compared to other teams?


It’s natural that I’m on the winning team (laughter).

People say that the ‘Fasting Senna-Tahm Kench’ bot lane is broken. What are your thoughts on the duo lane?


There are clear pros and cons to the duo. Just like Sona-Tahm, there are times where it synergizes well, but it has a very weak laning phase, so if the enemy is able to put on heavy early pressure in lane, it’s hard to scale well. 

Your next match is against KT, who’s performing quite well as of recently. How will you prepare for that match?


Like always, I won’t get nervous, and enjoy myself while playing against them.

Lastly, can you please share your resolution to your fans?


There are moments in tonight’s match that I’m personally not satisfied with. I’ll make sure to put on a better performance, and win in style. Thank you.

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