KT Kuro: "It’s never a bad thing to have big dreams, so I want to go on a 13 match win streak."


On the 25th (KST), KT Rolster faced off against DAMWON Gaming in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. With a set score of 2-1, KT defeated DAMWON to extend their win streak to 5 matches and with a 5-5 record, they’ve now placed themselves in 5th place of the standings. Kuro had a fantastic performance on Rumble in Game 3, where he was able to put out almost 15K damage against champions.


Inven Global had a chance to speak to the Mid laner for KT, Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng, and talked about the match and how it feels to extend their win streak.



How does it feel to play after such a long break?


Matches definitely feel different from scrims. Because we were playing the match from our practice room, I could only feel about 50-70% of a typical match day atmosphere.

Today’s matches were held online. Can you tell me some good and bad differences as to playing at LoL Park, and which do you like better?


The good thing is that we’re less nervous because we’re playing in such a familiar environment. However, because it feels like scrims, the teams play more like they’re playing scrims, as in playing more aggressively, and we’re met with unexpected situations that we normally don’t expect when we’re playing at LoL Park. Personally, I like playing at LoL Park better.

KT is continuing their win streak, which the team has started near the end of Round 1. Compared to how the team was in the beginning, how did the team’s performance improve?


I feel like the team found what we’re good at. As all teams do in the beginning, we set our goals high, but the losing streak made us more level headed, so we were able to play with a better mindset. It actually made us play better.

The team’s now on a 5 match winning streak. Although the 5 match losing streak is now a thing of the past, how did you feel back then?


It wasn’t much different as to how things are now. I always thought about how to win, and how to break the losing streak.

You gave Sett, Ornn, and Senna to DAMWON in Game 2. It’s really hard to imagine doing so not too long ago, so was there much change with new patches?


We felt okay giving up those champions. We just didn’t play as well as we should have.

Sohwan played phenomenally on Aatrox in Game 3. As a teammate, do you think that switching to online format really helped him out?


I think so. He’s really good in scrims, but gets really nervous when he’s on stage. He’s a player that’s gaining a lot from playing online.

What are your thoughts on the reworked Wukong?


I believe that he needs to be researched, just like when Sett was released. I think that Wukong will primarily be picked in Jungle and Top, but as a Mid lane champion, he needs more research.

In the matches you have left, how long do you believe the team will continue its streak?


When we were on our losing streak, we jokingly said, ‘We now just have to go on a win streak’. If we continue our streak, not only we’ll be able to play in playoffs, but ultimately, go to Worlds as well. It’s never a bad thing to have big dreams, so I want to go on a 13 match win streak.

Lastly, can you say something to the fans cheering for you at home?


This Coronavirus pandemic has a bigger impact on everyday life than I thought. To everyone at home, please wear masks, and hope that this will die down soon so that I’ll be able to meet with all of you.

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