Tyler1 at LCS: "I've put in 15 Draven jungle games... Don't play him in the jungle."


Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp came out for LCS Cosplay Day Week 7, in a fancy Draven get-up done by Stella Chuu, chatting with an AR Draven on the LCS stage and walking amidst a bunch of other cosplayers and fans throughout the studio. Tyler1 came up and spoke with us about his cosplay, switch to jungle, what it would take to sign to a pro team, and his future. 




Hey there everybody, Parkes Ousley here joined by Tyler1 on Riot Cosplay Day. How's it going today, and has anyone even come close to this matching you with this Draven outfit you've got on? 


Let's start with this, am I not the best cosplayer you've ever seen in your life? 



No one else even comes close. 


That is absolutely correct. I mean, I make the outfit, but I didn't make the outfit. But I make the outfit! 



I got you, and I hope they'll all get that. He looks great, this is fantastic. How long did it take to get all this together?


About 45 minutes to an hour. It was really quick. The girl that made it - Stella - I think said it took a week or so for some parts though. 



Shout outs to Stella. And you did some AR stuff?


I absolutely dwarfed the real Draven! No... Wait... I made the real Draven look like a Dwarf. That's what I'm saying. 



Yeah you got it right! But is that the real Draven? Or...


Oh yeah, is he the real Draven? Am I the real Draven?



It's getting to the point where it's kind of hard to tell.


You're kinda losing sight of reality, I get it.



So you're a jungle main now, and Riot has been buffing Talon, Darius, Garen... When is Draven going to be a jungler?


Well I've put in about 15 Draven jungle games over the last few weeks, but yeah if you don't wanna play ADC I don't think you should play him in the jungle. ADC's can't even ADC. You don't want to play him in the jungle.



Yeah well and I don't know what the whole thing was, but when you started jungle you were like, "Junglers are bad, Nightblue3 is bad," all this...


Hey, I'll explain. Let me handle this. Jungle is the absolute easiest role in the game and there's never been a role as easy in the entire history of League. You can impact every other role, you can take dragons, you can help individual players win, no other role can do that. It's absolutely easy, and, well I've proven it, and I'm going to continue proving it. 




What is your peak then? Obviously you just started going a couple weeks ago.


I think we got to Grandmasters 27LP. I took a slight dip, I'm on the down... I have my highs, and I'm not at a low, but - this is the highest so far *gestures with hand* and I'm about right there. *points right below high point* 



But it's going to keep going!


Yeah we'll hit Challenger. We're pretty close. I think I've been doing it for about a month now. Pfft. 20 total days, I think I've played about 400 games. We're fittin' to get Challenger. 




Yeah but then what?


"Then what," yeah I've been asked that a lot, "Well what after T1?" Well I'm gonna tell you what after, I think I'm gonna head to the top lane!



So you're just gonna keep swapping then.


I'm gonna get Challenger there. People always cry about "Oh top lane is weak, top lane has no impact." I see Robert "Hashinshin" Brotz - God bless him, gotta say a quick prayer for him 'cause that man is going down the deep end - but they always want to cry that top lane is not strong, that they don't matter. Spoiler alert, they DO matter! 



So you'll teach them?





Okay, well I was wondering... A lot of teams have had jungle issues - TL just finally got Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen, DIG just substituted their jungler out - but has anyone been contacting you? Anyone out there looking for a jungler?


*Looks around, whispers* I mean... I've had a few offers, yes. Cloud9... Robert "Blaber" Huang is not doing as well as people think he is!



They did lose today (against TSM). 


Exactly! Why haven't they been calling!? Again, I'm gonna say these LCS junglers ain't all that. They play an elo-boosted role that makes themselves look good. So I mean, is Broxah really even an upgrade? Who knows, who knows?



Hard to tell at this point. But would you actually ever play for a team if anyone ever reached out? 


Ehh, I mean okay if we're keeping it 100%, it'd have to be something crazy because I am steady CHILLING right now. STRAIGHT chillin! 



What would the bar be? Huni came out this year, he had a crazy salary!


Okay so uhhhh, you'd have to give me full control of the team, I'd have to be like CEO. I mean I'm making roster moves, I'm scheduling, I'm deciding what the players eat first of all. Then we gotta talk about salary. 50 Billion dollars! Minimum! Guaranteed first year! And then we can keep on going up with the luxuries after that. 



Hey, if anyone has that offer, I've got a guy willing to accept it. What about T1 though? They changed their name from the legendary SKT to copy you! That's got to be flattering. 


First of all, exactly. They STOLE that from me, and you need to answer my lawyer's emails, we're not going to send them twice. But I mean yeah, I like T1. I loooove Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok. So I mean, "T1 T1." I don't know. We'll see.



We'll see? We had "Fly" on FLY, "Goldenglue" on Golden Guardians, we could have T1 on T1!


Listen, the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows, so we're not gonna get what we want.




So your plan then, you're going to go top, and then what? Everyone thinks mid is busted anyway so...


Mid is hard, I will say that. Mid is probably the hardest role in the game, it takes the most mechanical micro champs. It's actually hard. But nobody in their lives have ever said, "Mid lane sucks!" Nobody has ever said that! So there's really no point to prove there. People know that mid is the best role in the game then. 



So if you could have picked any other champion in the game, if there was anyone else, who would you have encapsulated?


Right now dude, it's Olaf. It's Olaf!!! I love him! He's a fighter, he always goes in. He's an animal. And he throws axes! 



That's very fitting for you. 


Yeah that's what I'm saying! He's a BRUTE! I love him. I love Olaf! ROOOOOOAARRRRRRRRR



Nice..... Thanks..... I was expecting you know a Zac or something. From Axe thrower to just some blob.


Ohh bluuugghhhhh. Yes because I look like I'd play a FULL tank, yeah that's so fun, I love being tanky. NO! I want to fight bro!



Hahaha. Have you tried Talon?





I figured as an old ADC main who hates Talon players, you'd just flip it! 


Yeah, but why would I be what I hate?



That's deep. 


Look I'm on another level! A whole other level. I like Karthus, Lee Sin, Olaf.



Oh Karthus? Come on, that's being what you hate!


Well I played Karthus bot lane! 



Ah, yeah so you already had the "mechanics" to hit the R button.


You said what now? You do know his Q is a skillshot right? His most important damage, outside his ult, is a skillshot. Mmhmm, okay, so you ain't gotta be doing all that. *finger quotes*



Anything else fun going on for you? I know you're here at LCS now, you've done more events like this recently. Anything else big coming up?


Not that I know of. I just take it in stride as they come. Look at all these one-liners I'm giving you! Almost as if it's scripted - it's not I swear! But no, I just take it as it goes. If something comes up, "Ehh yes, no, yes... Okay. Ehhhh, no. Okay." 



What if Sneaky saw you here today and got jealous and challenged you to a cosplay competition? 


Listen I'm not a cosplayer! Okay! See, now you... Obviously I'm not a cosplayER! I cosplayED



Would Sneaky be a better Draven though?


NO! He wouldn't. Look at me, look at me. Now look at him. And then you're right back to me. 




I'll just focus on you. Well thank you so much, anything you want to say to the stream fans, any other fans?


Yo, you mind if I cuss? 



You can but you have to beep it out yourself. 


Okay. "Yo A-Squad, we out in this *BEEP* mother-*BEEP*-ers. 



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