[LPL Today] EDG defeats JDG 2-1, hopes to shift the team's momentum from early slump


With many mid laners in the LPL continuing to perform well, Lee ‘Scout’ Ye-chan joined the fray of such players and led his team into victory through much proactivity around the Summoner's Rift.


On the 20th (KST), the 2020 LPL Spring Split took place via online format. In the second match of the evening, EDG took down JDG with a set score of 2:1. Due to Seo ‘Kanavi’ Jin-hyeok’s continued stellar performance, JDG went on a two-match win streak to land themselves in the upper half of the standings. However, not only was Scout able to put a halt on JDG’s momentum, he was able to provide the footing to shift his team’s momentum out of the team's slump earlier in the season.


In game 1, Scout focused on Kanavi. He pushed the lane first to roam top and was able to catch out Kanavi’s Elise. With their strategy to set the enemy jungler far behind, EDG was able to get priority on Dragons to earn themselves the Cloud Soul. Despite JDG showing incredible team fighting prowess to take all Barons, Scout was able to rush into the enemy’s back line to lead EDG into victory. 


However, JDG fought back to tie the scoreboard in game 2. With Kanavi’s Jarvan IV in the center, JDG was able to stack Dragons to be ahead of EDG in macro. When Dragon and Baron Nashor was live on the map to be contested, JDG far outshined EDG in team fights. With a KPA of 88.9% and a KDA of 2/2/14, he was selected as the MVP for game 2.


In the final set of the match, Scout, once again, was able to come out on top. Playing against Syndra as Ekko, he was able to get the initial push and headed top with EDG’s jungler, Junjia, on Sejuani. A failed attempt to sneak the Rift Herald by JDG widened the gap between the two teams even further, to the point where the score was 13:1, in favor of EDG. JDG’s top laner, 705, was so heavily focused that his KDA was 0/7/0, and with the momentum of the set in EDG’s favor, they were able to make the final dive by the enemy bot inhibitor to close out the game.

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