[Official] The LCK finally returns after a long break! Round 2 of the LCK kicks off on the 25th!


On the 19th (KST), Riot Games announced that Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring will return on Mar. 25th at 3pm (KST) via online format. 19 days ago, in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic and ensure the safety of all personnel within the league, the LCK went on an indefinite hiatus. With the return of the LCK, Challengers Korea will also return via online format on the 26th (KST).


During the down time, Riot Korea visited all the teams’ facilities to make sure that the PC specs and network status were adequate enough to hold the matches via online format. While some PCs in some teams’ facilities needed to be replaced, all measures were taken in order to ensure there won’t be any problems, and since last Wednesday (KST), test matches took place in a non-disclosed fashion, and now is in the final stages of inspection to fully prepare for the broadcast.


With such an unforeseen break taking place with the LCK, the league’s schedule is subject to change as well. Usually, there were 4 days of matches per week in Round 2 of the LCK, but the matches will now be held 5 days a week, just like Round 1, with up to 3 matches per day. It’ll still be a Best of 3, just like Round 1, and whenever there are 3 matches per day, the first match will now start at 3pm (KST), and whenever there are 2, it’ll start at 5pm per usual. If a match ends early, instead of waiting until a designated time, the matches will now begin as soon as everything is prepared.


If the LCK is to be held under the current match schedule, some teams may have to play twice in one day, or even have their matches 2-4 days in a row, due to the rest of the Spring split being held under a shorter time frame. In order to minimize the certain advantages and disadvantages that teams may receive due to the match schedule, all teams gave their consent to have the match schedule be redrawn. The new schedule will be announced on the LCK official Facebook and Instagram.


The regular season of the 2020 LCK Spring will end on April 16th, and the schedules for playoffs and finals will be announced accordingly.

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