[Call of Duty: Warzone] Best loadouts, perks for the new Battle Royale in Modern Warfare

The new battle royale mode, Call of Duty: Warzone, has been widely popular since its launch. Warzone has been attracting more than 200K concurrent viewers on Twitch already. Ever since Modern Warfare was out, people have been demanding a battle royale genre for the game; now that it’s out, and free-to-play, it seems that everyone is playing and enjoying the game.


There are many ways to push ahead in the game, and one of them is bringing the pre-set-up loadout from the Buy Station. By investing $8,500 on the Loadout Drop Marker, which isn’t a very hard amount to collect, you can call in a supply drop that gives you access to the loadouts you had set up. Here are some loadouts that are effective in Warzone that can help boost your way to winning the game.

*Note: The price of Loadout Drop Marker has been increased from $6,000 to $8,500 in the March 26th update.


None of the loadouts listed here have Overkill selected in the Perks, yet they all have two main weapons selected. The best way is to call in two Supply Drops and simply change the secondary weapon. You would still want to have at least one loadout set up with the Overkill Perk as you may not be as wealthy at some times and have to fight right away.






Primary Weapon: HDR or AX-50


Both these weapons are great for sniping. It’s a judgment call, but I personally prefer the HDR. The 9 Round Mags isn’t a must; you can swap it for faster ADS or Focus. The Dragunov is ready for those who aren’t as confident with their sniping ability. Just remember when you customize the weapon, you want to maximize the damage range and have a suppressor to stay off the radar.



Secondary Weapon: M4A1


Nothing much needs to be said about the M4A1. It’s arguably the best and well-balanced weapon in the game. Even if you’re a sniper, you sometimes have situations that you can’t really ‘snipe’ the enemy. The M4A1 can be a great answer in any of those situations.


Perks: Cold-blooded, Ghost, Battle Hardened


It’s really important for a sniper to stay unspotted. These perks can keep you hidden from UAVs, Heartbeat Sensors, and Snapshot Grenades. In such a large scale area like the one in Warzone, knowing where your enemies are is very important. These can help you to hide from it.


Lethal Equipment: Claymore

Tactical Equipment: Heartbeat Sensor


Clamores are great to keep enemies from sneaking up from behind. Install them in concealed areas where someone can get your back. The Heartbeat Sensor isn’t actually for your own good as you usually would look for enemies that are far away. It’s to help your squadmates to tell them if there are any enemies within the 50m radius.



CQC Assault



Primary Weapon: AUG


The AUG with the 5.56 NATO magazines is a monster. The damage is boosted much especially with the 622mm Long Barrel. Set it up with additional attachments to optimize the ADS and you’ll find yourself quite strong even in mid-range combats as well.



Secondary Weapon: VLK Rogue


The new shotgun has great damage and the reload speed tops any other shotgun. The R9-0 is still great, but the VLK Rogue suggests more possibilities in its setup. The muzzle, barrel, and slug magazine can also extend its range and concentrate the pellets to hit smaller areas, which can lead to instant kills.



Perks: Double Time, Restock, Shrapnel / Tracker


You’re going to be running around a lot, blitzing enemies around the corner. You’ll need fast movement speed. As Double Time has been buffed, it’s more useful now in approaching enemies. Restock is useful as you would often need to throw your grenades, and the extra lethal equipment Shrapnel offers goes extremely well with Restock. Tracker is another very good option as you will know where your prey went.


Lethal Equipment: Frag Grenade 

Tactical Equipment: Stun Grenade / Snapshot Grenade


The most typical Frag Grenade is a good choice. You would often want to bounce the grenades off walls before you start the assault. That’s why Stun Grenades or Snapshot Grenades are also good choices.






Primary Weapon: Oden


As posted before, the Oden has been a monster in mid to far range combats, in larger maps. Although the weapon was nerfed, it still can hit with power and down enemies within a few shots fired. From time to time, you would find yourself having the edge against even sniper rifles.



Secondary Weapon: MP5


Oden takes care of further ranges and the MP5 can easily penetrate through enemies in close-quarter combat. With a high-mobility setting, it can make up for the Oden’s slow movement speed when having to move far areas. Not too many attachments need to be added for the recoil so focus the setup to improve movement speed and ADS.


Perks: Cold-blooded, High Alert, Amped


In Warzone, Cold-blooded is a very important perk. You need to stay off enemies radars. High Alert can assist well when enemies that you aren’t looking at spot you. As an all-rounder, you would need to switch weapons often and Amped can help you with that.


Lethal Equipment: Semtex

Tactical Equipment: Smoke Grenade


Sometimes the regular Frag Grenades just roll too far. Use the Semtex and try to attach them to enemies’ bodies. This is also a great solution against Riot Shields as well. The Smoke Grenade is great to support the squad when using the Buy Station or reviving allies. However, Thermal scopes can see right through the smoke so be beware.

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