Hearthstone buffs Priest cards to help out the ever-struggling healers


In Hearthstone's history, Priest has traditionally been a hit-or-miss class. Often, especially during the game's early days, Priest was one of the worst classes in the game. To give the healers their time in the spotlight, Blizzard released powerful Priest-exclusive cards every now and then through expansions. It did help out the class, and Priests have dominated the meta a few times. The problem was that, when Priests were strong, it was one of the most frustrating classes in the game. Even worse than times when other classes were leading the meta.


To combat this issue, the Hearthstone developers are changing (mostly buffing) seven Priest cards from the Basic and Classic set on March 26. It's a measure in line with feedback the development team often heard over the years: Priest's core set is too weak. As a result of this, Blizzard had to release extremely powerful cards to make the class relevant. Hopefully, with these changes, Priests will be a bit more powerful on their own.


The seven changed cards


▲ Power Word: Shield now costs 0 mana (down from 1)
▲ Holy Smite now deals 3 damage (up from 2)
▲ Shadow Word: Death now costs 2 mana (down from 3)
▲ Thoughtsteal now costs 2 mana (down from 3)
▲ Shadow Madness now costs 3 mana (down from 4)
▲ Holy Nova now costs 4 mana (down from 5)
▲ Temple Enforcer now costs 5 mana (down from 6), has 5 attack (down from 6)


Priest's Hall of Fame cards


The Priest party train doesn't stop there though. With the Year of the Phoenix, another Standard rotation will occur. Some Basic and Classic cards will go to the Hall of Fame and only be viable in Hearthstone's Wild format, together with all the old expansions and adventures. This year Blizzard is rotating a staggering total of six Priest cards in order to further establish the class' identity.


▲ The six Priest cards joining the Hall of Fame


To replace them, the six cards below are being added to Priest's Basic and Classic set:


▲ The six new Basic and Classic Priest cards


Additionally, five Neutral cards will go to the Hall of Fame. For more information on that, though, check out this article.

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    level 1 Sven_Hund

    you clearly dont play wild. priest has ruled over EVERY other deck for like 2 years now.

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