Hearthstone adds Demon Hunter as a new playable class


Hearthstone is adding a tenth class to its roster: Demon Hunter. For the first time since Hearthstone was revealed, the number of playable classes will increase. Led by Illidan Stormrage, 'The Betrayer,' the first Demon Hunter, Blizzard Entertainment's card game is about to be thrown into chaos. Here's everything you need to know about the Demon Hunter class in Hearthstone.


The hero and his powers


Illidan Stormrage has always had a bit of a temper, and his aggression is reflected in his Demon Hunter class in Hearthstone. His Hero Power, Demon Claws, boosts his attack by one for the remainder of the turn. That may sound like an underwhelming version of Druid's Hero Power, but Demon Claws only costs one mana, as opposed to two mana. This makes it much easier to weave in short bursts of damage, supporting the aggressive style.


▲ Illidan, the Demon Hunter class icon, and the Hero Power.


Demon Hunters are all about wielding weapons, summoning cheap, aggressive minions and boosting attack power. It might be an open door to kick in, but Demon Hunters feel like a fresh combination of Warlocks and Hunters.


Some of the Demon Hunters cards bear the brand new keyword, exclusive to the new class: 'Outcast'. Referring to how Demon Hunters are the pariahs of the Warcraft universe, Outcast affects the cards on the far end of your hand. Sometimes this means they'll be reduced in cost, and other times the card will get an upgraded effect. Drawing an Outcast card from the top of your deck is obviously the immediate pay-off, but it can take quite some strategic planning to manipulate what your hand looks like in order to fully experience Outcast's potential.



How and when to unlock Demon Hunter


Demon Hunters are completely free to play for every Hearthstone player. On April 2, a few days before the Ashes of Outland expansion launches, a special Demon Hunter prologue campaign will be made available in Hearthstone, retelling the story of Illidan Stormrage.


The Demon Hunter has some catching up to do when it comes to its card collection, compared to the other nine classes in Hearthstone which have been accumulating cards for almost six years. When the Demon Hunter class joins the game it'll have ten cards in its Basic set, which all players receive for free. In addition, all players receive a 20-card set of Demon Hunter's Classic set for free. Every expansion this year will have 15 new Demon Hunter cards, making a total of 45 new cards this year.


▲ Full art of Illidan Stormrage in Hearthstone.


The Demon Hunter cards


Enough explaining. It's time for new cards! Below are all the Classic and Basic cards the Hearthstone developers have shared, for a total of 26 cards. There are three other cards in the new Ashes of Outland expansion, but you'll have to check out our coverage for that card set here.



Other announcements


Today was full of Hearthstone announcements, and we've got it all covered for you. Check out our overview of the Ashes of Outland expansion, the Priest class rework, and the Hall of Fame rotation.


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