How does League of Legends stay fresh? A look into the upcoming Champion reworks in 2020.


As League of Legends grows older each year, League of Legends always keeps fresh through various updates. As there are 148 champions in the game, some champion kits become outdated, and each year, champions with outdated kits become reworked in order to keep the game vibrant and modern. Let’s take a look at the most recent champion to be updated, Diana, as well as the upcoming champion reworks for 2020.





▲ The latest Diana skin to be released, Dragonslayer Diana


The most recent champion to receive a rework was Diana. The major part about her rework included giving her more mobility, where her previous ultimate ability, Lunar Rush, has swapped places with her E, Moonfall. Now, not only does Moonfall draws in and slows her foes, it also does magic damage after one second of doing so. Her rework has been shipped out in patch 9.24, and according to OP.GG, her winrate sits at about 51%.


She has also seen some game time in competitive play around multiple regions, picked in both mid and jungle. Diana’s win rate is quite different per region, as she currently sits a 40% win rate in the LCK, 57.1% in the LEC, 33.3% in the LCS, and at 50% in the LPL.


HLE Haru picking Diana vs. T1





Wukong was released on July 6th, 2011. As one of the earlier champions in League of Legends to be released, he’s had many buffs and nerfs since release. However, not only is he practically nowhere to be found in competitive play across all regions, he’s nowhere to be found in solo queue as well. Riot August, Senior Champion Designer at Riot, announced that changes to Wukong’s kit will be shipped out in the 10.6 patch, so expect to see the (hopefully) new and improved Monkey King soon.

Fiddlesticks & Volibear


On May, 2019, Riot Games opened a poll and asked the community to vote for the next champion to receive reworks. However, Fiddlesticks and Volibear were very close in the polls, both of which sat at around 24%, so Riot announced that both of these champions will be reworked.


▲ Final Fiddlesticks concept art


In a recent dev blog posted in January, Riot provided updates to the progress of the VGU on Fiddlesticks. Their goal is to 'transform it into the most terrifying champion in League of Legends'. While updates to his kit hasn't been announced just yet, it is currently being tested in the PBE as an Easter Egg. Compared to his former self, his in-game model and various animations are definitely more terrifying than ever, and the sound that his ultimate, Crowstorm, makes will definitely give the enemy a jump scare, perfectly befitting his title of ‘The Harbinger of Doom’. 


▲ Comparison of his current ultimate to his reworked ultimate (Source: 롤박사 해도리)


As the other champion voted to receive a VGU by the fans, Volibear is also scheduled to receive a makeover in 2020 alongside Fiddlesticks. According to the recent dev video from Riot, while the direction of Volibear’s VGU seemed to be going in the right direction, many fans were disappointed that Volibear isn’t portrayed in the “Eldritch Horror” theme, as per described in his recent lore.


▲ The latest lore shows a more demonic side of Volibear


Riot ultimately decided that such a theme moves too far away from his original self, they decided to create a skin that taps into that demonic and terrifying element, and it’ll be available for free to those that own the champion, or buys the champion in his launch patch. No announcements about the actual changes to Volibear's kit nor his in-game model/animations has been made just yet, so keep an eye out in the upcoming months for the new and improved Volibear.


Concept art for the new Volibear rework

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