TF Blade banned by Riot Games KR due to bad behavior, won't reach challenger no.1


Ashkan "TF Blade" Homayouni's account for KR server was banned. TF Blade revealed his account has been banned by Riot Games due to bad behavior via twitch streaming.

TF Blade was currently challenging to rank no.1 in the Korea server. He ranked No.1 in NA, EUW, EUNE, LAS server before. However, He failed to rank no.1 in TR server(Turkey) due to bad behavior which is the same reason he banned in KR.

The game where the bad behavior ban happened was on the 5th of March. While playing Jax, he insulted his team's jungler. TF Blade defended himself by saying his word was not toward to the jungler himself, but jungler's playing style.

Lee "Rush" Yoon-Jae, the former jungle player of Cloud9, joined into TF Blade's streaming and explained why TF Blade's behavior is ban-worth. He said, "No matter how bad your teammates are, typing F-word and spam-pinging to them are ban-worth."

After having a conversation with Rush, TF Blade revealed that he will return to NA tomorrow and will come back to make it to challenger rank no.1 next time. He also apologized to Korean fans for not showing his best version in terms of attitude and performance.

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