Approximately 80 thousand watch former LCK players event match, RCK


RCK (Return of the Champions Korea) was held on 11th March by online. RCK is an event match inviting former LCK players and playing matches for the fans who still remember their prowess. Marin, Looper, Insec, Ambition, Pawn, Dade, Piglet, Space, Madlife and Wolf. Ten retired LCK players divided into two teams (Team Noxus and Team Demacia) and played Bo3 Matches. 


Game 1 was the signature pick match. Team Demacia picked Singed (Looper), Jarvan IV (Ambition), Yasuo (Dade), Ashe (Pray), and Alistar (Wolf). Team Noxus picked Rumble (Marin), Lee Sin (Insec), Talon (Pawn), Vayne (Piglet) and Blitzcrank (Madlife). This game was ended up with Team Demacia's victory. Ambition got the first MVP title of the match. 

The Champions published after 2017 was banned in Game 2 (blind pick match). Team Noxus could have a win with Marin and Pawn's amazing performances. Pawn Leblanc displayed his prowess which made people remember the Pawn in 2014. 

Pray's Kalista was the MVP of the game 3. He hadn't made any mistake from the beginning to the end of game 3. As a result, Team Demacia defeated Team Noxus by 2-1. 


This event match was watched by approximately 80 thousand which is comparable to the regular viewership of the League of Legends Championship Korea. Since LCK is being postponed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many of LCK fans enjoyed the former legend players' event match. 



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