[Official] T1 signs Brax, formerly known as CS:GO pro, "swag," as first VALORANT player and content creator

▲ Screengrab taken from T1's announcement


After retiring from CS:GO last week and claiming he wanted to focus his career on upcoming Riot Games first person shooter game, VALORANT, Braxton "swag" Pierce signed to T1, changing his ign to "Brax." He has played CS:GO competitively/as a streamer since 2012, and is one of many who will eventually make the switch to VALORANT. 



Brax ("swag" at the time) was banned from all CS:GO events for a couple years in 2015-2017, but regained access to ESL and Dreamhack. He is still banned for all Valve events, despite both pleas from the community and his own efforts to become a better player. With VALORANT's upcoming launch, he is the perfect candidate to make the switch. 


Brax and T1 are getting ahead of the game, as the first to officially declare a contract for VALORANT, but the release isn't scheduled till much later this year. Riot originally had a gameplay capture event planned for later this week, but canceled it due to concerns for the coronavirus. 


VALORANT has been compared to CS:GO with a touch of Overwatch, a more serious style tactical shooter (like CS:GO) with unique skills based on character class (like Overwatch). The information currently known about the game, along with teasers put out by Riot itself, have garnered the attention of many professional FPS players and orgs alike.


▲ Image Source: Riot Games


Brax joins an org with an incredible legacy, especially in relation to Riot Games, with three League of Legends World Championships, and the best player to ever play the game, Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok, signing on to a multi-year contract and part ownership. Ever since the South Korean Telecom owned org partnered with Comcast last year, they've been expanding more globally. 


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