Valve announces an official end to Steam Greenlight


On Feb 10th, Valve announced via the Discussions page that they will be putting an official end to the Steam Greenlight system.

Steam Greenlight allowed indie developers to publish their games on Steam when their games are upvoted by the users. It has been a venue that lets indie developers expand their games, but it has not always worked out ideally. In terms of quality, some games were not good enough to be released, and other games have had issues such as vote manipulation or copyright infringement.

These problems have become more serious since 2014, and Valve announced in the 2014 Steam Dev Days that the company is planning to close the Greenlight system.

Valve finally announced on Feb 10th that they are officially bringing an end to Steam Greenlight. A new system called “Steam Direct” will replace Greenlight. Steam Direct will allow developers to publish their games, but with a slightly more strict process than Greenlight. After a $200 to $5000 submission fee is paid, the developer’s game will be evaluated by Steam to determine if it should be published.

The official announcement regarding the discontinued Steam Greenlight and the new Steam Direct can be found here.

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