All champions, origins and traits for Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies revealed

▲ Aurelion Sol is back for Set 3 and is in a class of his own (literally). Image source: Riot Games


Ever since Riot Games teased the Teamfight Tactics' community that Set 3 was being titled "Galaxies" players have been left wondering: "Which champions can we play as?" and "Oh, I bet x-class is going to be featured!" Well, as of Tuesday afternoon, the wait is over.


Numerous videos and guides began popping up around the internet regarding the full set of champions, origins, and classes that will be featured when TFT: Galaxies goes live in the next couple of weeks.


While the information below is subject to change prior to the set's launch, Mobalytics teamed up with Riot Games to have a full database's worth of information for players to check out ahead of time.




Here are all of the champions sorted by cost:


▲ Image sources: Mobalytics



Now you may be wondering what each origin does for the units themselves, we have you covered there as well:




As if that information isn't enough, how about all of the individual classes being featured in Set 3? Well, here you go:


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