T1 Head Coach Kim Jeong-soo: "Whatever champion Faker plays, there’s something from him that makes the game turn around when trailing."


In the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split match held on the 26th (KST), T1 defeated Griffin 2-0. As of this win, T1 extended their winning streak to 5 games. Park “Teddy” Jin-seong earned his 1,000th LCK kill. After the match, head coach Kim Jeong-soo spoke with Inven.


With today’s win, you’re running a 5-game winning streak. How do you feel?


I’m happy that we won. All the players are doing well and we have a good flow. There’s nothing that’s bad. It’s all good.

What did you focus on in the match against Griffin?


There are things we prepared, but it’s mostly about the draft. Regarding plays, we thought our macro was one of our biggest strengths so we tried to play towards that.

The start of game 2 was really disadvantageous. Were you sure that you’ll be able to turn it around? When were you sure you won? 


Frankly, I thought it was half and half. We could have won, we could have lost. The bot suffered because the calls got divided during the level 1 fight, and with the second dive, I thought the game wouldn’t be easy.


It’s hard to say a specific moment about when I was sure that we won. When we won the fourth dragon fight, I thought we have a chance since our comp was better in the late game.

What did Teddy say after the game?


He didn’t say much after the match. We hear what the players say from the coaching booth, and since jungle and mid played towards scaling, they weren’t able to look after bot well. It seemed he was shaken up a bit, but he was very professional and concentrated again to do well.

Although T1’s performance is really good right now, there may be something that you see that may lack as a head coach.


We’re 6-1 so if I say that, it would make me too greedy. If we lose a few more times, there would be more that I see.

You had shown concern about top lane before the season started, but Canna is doing quite well. How do you think he’s doing?


I think it’s a bit early to praise him for doing well in a few games early in the season. It’s not that we won the championship or reached the playoffs; he’s just a rookie. I’m sure that Canna is having a hard time. His Gangplank wasn’t that good at the beginning of the season, but I had him practice in scrims and solo queues. It wouldn’t have been easy, but I’m thankful that he followed well.

Faker’s LeBlanc is always amazing. Do you have unconditional faith in his LeBlanc?


I didn’t think it was unconditional faith. Faker is a veteran and he’s a leader of the team. That might be why he’s better in official games than scrims. He seems to have better concentration during official games. Not only LeBlanc; whatever champion Faker plays, there’s something from him that makes the game turn around when trailing. I think it’s amazing.

How do you plan to face SANDBOX Gaming?


There’s not much to prepare since we have one day off and play against them. We’ll just do as we did to win.

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