KT Kuro: "I really wanted to win a lot whatever team it was, but since we defeated my former team, Afreeca Freecs, it felt even better."


On the 23rd (KST), kt Rolster finally gained their first win of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split over Afreeca Freecs. It was a difficult start of the season for kt Rolster but they finally got back on track. KT mid laner Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng had good performances on Nautilus, and was voted Player of the Game for the first game.


After the match, Kuro joined the press room to talk about today’s win over Afreeca Freecs.


You finally got your first win. How do you feel?


I think our first win came too late. When the season first started, our scrim results were pretty good and we did quite alright, but we kept losing after winning 1 game. The team atmosphere wasn’t that good and our mentalities were shaken up. With today’s win, I think we’ll be able to step up from now on.

It seems that you would have had a hard time during the losing streak.


It wasn’t that the trust between the teammates were broken; we just had a bad flow on the losing streak.

It’s your first win at LoL Park. How is it here?


I thought I would get my first win a lot earlier than this. I’ve been here about five times before. It’s a pretty good arena. I’ve been to other places such as China or Worlds. Even compared to that, I think it’s a good environment to play in.

You focused on bot lane in game 1.


Since Aphelios was the only champion that can deal damage, we decided to look after Aphelios well.

How did you get to pick Nautilus?


I played Nautilus a lot in China and during practice this year as well, but there weren’t any situations to bring him out. Recently, he seemed to be quite good so I picked him.

Game 2 didn’t go well.


The situation wasn’t very good, and we made bad decisions. We could have had the upper hand from early in the game but we weren’t able to. Aiming was blaming himself saying that he made a mistake so I tried to comfort him.

On the other hand, Game 3 went extremely well. There was a big gap in top lane.


As soon as we saw the draft, I thought we would win. Even if there wasn’t that big of a difference in top lane, I think we would have won without much trouble. Still, Ray did really well there so we were able to take the win more easily.

You played against your former team, former teammates. How was it?


It’s been a while since I’ve seen them. While we were entering the arena, we just smiled at each other. I really wanted to win a lot whatever team it was, but since we defeated my former team, Afreeca Freecs, it felt even better.



How do you think the remaining season will go?


With today’s win, I think we’ll be able to do better with a positive mindset. If we continue to win like this, we’ll be able to avoid the promotions/relegations series and even get to the playoffs.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


I’m back in Korea in one year; I really wanted to meet the fans, but since LCK is going on with no audience, it’s regretful. I was really sorry because we kept losing as well. I’d like to repay the fans for continuing to send us support despite the fact we kept losing.

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