GIRLGAMER Esports Festival puts players under poor competing conditions, INTZ appeals for their athlete’s health

Photo by GIRLGAMER Esports Festival


Esports organization INTZ had issued a public complaint to GIRLGAMER Esports Festival, highlighting the poor conditions athletes had been put under prior and during competitions. With a match delayed by 25 hours and terrible weather conditions, here is to hoping esports events featuring women mature and grow in infrastructure.


Athletes reported to play under the extreme heat, in some cases, players were being constantly hit by direct sunlight while in a match. The organization staff of GIRLGAMER took measures to cover up the space where players competed with black cloth to alleviate the issue, however, technical difficulties during the event made for matches to be late up to 25 hours.




Roque Marques from Globo Esporte's tweet reads: "No big deal to play in Dubai with the sun hitting your face..."


GIRLGAMER Esports Festival is the biggest event to promote professional competitiveness between women.Organized by Galaxy Racer Esports takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the event features one of the most important CS:GO and League of Legends competitions for female athletes.


In a twitter thread, INTZ exposed the conditions their players had been put under, appealing the event to allow them to rest before the next match, publicly, in hopes to get the matter taken care of. The statement translated from Brazilian Portuguese follows:




This is a human request to @girlgamerfest and our outburst to the community:


Straight from Dubai, we woke up today at 6 am to compete in our biggest challenge of the year. After delays answered with a lot of patience on our side, we won 2-1 of the @CarnageOCE and we are returning to the hotel at 5 am.


24 hours had passed at the event, under the blazing sun, testing our resilience. We have been flexible and understanding of all issues we have encountered so far, however, we have just been informed our athletes can only rest for four hours before we return to play the final losers at 10:30 am (local time).


There is a possibility to prioritize LOL games, yet they insist on testing our resilience.

As a professional club and athletes who dedicated themselves to this international tournament

We ask for a little humanity to let us rest for at least 8 hours and play from 14:00 (Dubai time).


We reinforce the importance of rest and mental preparedness, we are challenging our health and careers.


Unfortunately asking publicly is our last resort.


After making a public statement regarding the unhealthy conditions, the GIRLGAMER Esports Festival organization decided that INTZ’s match would be moved to 14:30, local time. 


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