APK Hybrid: "I think that Teddy, Deft, and Ruler are the best bot laners in the LCK."


On the 20th (KST), APK Prince faced off against KT Rolster in Week 3 of the 2020 LCK Spring. It was a do or die battle of the bottom tier LCK teams, and with a set score of 2-0, APK took down KT to escape the very bottom of the standings and pick up their very first victory in the LCK.


The bot laner of APK and the player that won Player of the Game in both sets, Lee “Hybrid” Woo-jin, joined the Press Room for the post match interview.



Thoughts on the very first victory of the season?


Although it came a bit late, we hold a lot of meaning in breaking our loss streak. I want to continue winning.

After each game, we were able to hear much cheering from your comms. It seems that you’re hungry for victory.


We lost a lot of games that we should’ve won, so we needed a lot more victories. With our set wins tonight, we finally took a match victory and talked to each other about how we finally did it.

How does it feel to be named PoG for both games?


Although I’m happy for our first win and receive PoG for both games, our team’s victory comes first, so I’ll make sure to try harder to win.

As the games got longer in general, the influence the bot lane has also grew as well. In your opinion, how do you see yourself fare in the LCK?


I think that Teddy, Deft, and Ruler are the best bot laners in the LCK, but I’ve yet to play against them, so I’ll be able to know how I do after I play against them. Currently, even if the matchup in the bot lane is rough, the bot laner that can overcome such can be called a good bot laner.

This is APK’s first season in the LCK, so the team’s relatively unknown to a lot of people. Can you introduce your team to the public?


I believe that our strengths are all about in-game calls that have no hesitation behind it. We’ll make sure to not only continue showing plays without hesitation, but also reinforce the things that we lack.

Your next matchups are against T1, DRX, and Gen.G. 


All three teams have bot laners that are really good. I want to beat these teams to show them that I’m good as well.

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say?


APK Prince is a team that’s relatively unknown because we just promoted into the LCK. We’re all players that really work hard and play well as well, so please send us a lot of support.

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