T1 Canna: "I’ll become a solid top laner for T1."


On the 19th (KST), T1 defeated DragonX in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split, gaining their 4th win. DragonX was undefeated before this match, but they weren’t able to hold their run. Rookie top laner, Kim “Canna” Chang-dong had great performances today, playing Soraka, Ornn, and Renekton. He joined Inven Global for an interview after the match.


Today’s match was really important. You won and received a POG. Doesn’t it feel that you gained a lot of experience and leveled up?


I feel good because it felt that I played especially well today. Also, I’m really happy that we beat the 1st team, teams that are higher than us two straight times.

You may have felt pressure to play as the top laner of T1 since there were so many famous players. How did it feel when you first became the top laner of T1?


When I was first called up to the main roster, I thought I should gain experience and learn. But since I’m playing as kind of a starter, it’s flattering and a bit of pressure as well.

Playing on stage and scrims are different and it took you a while to get your first POG. What was most different?


When I first played in front of the crowd, there was a lot of pressure and I was really nervous. But as I played more and more [it got better]. And Faker told me to think it’s just playing scrims so it felt a lot more easy on my mind. I think I’m almost not nervous at all now.

You played top Soraka today. It was a comp that Hanwha Life Esports played against you. Did you think it’s a good pick when you lost?


Yes. It seems that Soraka’s tier is really high. I think she’s good because she can do one person’s share even if she dies two to three times.

That composition doesn’t seem that easy to pull off… Olaf’s ult and Morgana shield can overlap and heals as well… How did you practice that well?


I concentrated on Soraka for about two to three days. Also, we practiced these compositions, ones like Olaf and Morgana a lot so there wasn’t much pressure or mistakes.

You played very well in Game 3 as well. If you play that well, do you get excited?


Yes. You know the plays I have to make in teamfights... If it goes wrong, I may get intimidated, but it all went well. So the situations were good and I didn’t get nervous or anything.

Then let me pick a moment where you may have gotten nervous. Nidalee died at level 1 after an invade.


It was surely an unfavorable situation for us, but the other guys assured me that if we go into the late game, we have the upper hand and that we’re better than them at teamfights. That made me just concentrated on what I have to do.

Did you feel easy as they said that?


Yes. A lot.



Faker is now a part-owner. He’s a player that just plays aside you, but does it get intimidating when you think he’s one of the owners?


It’s surprising that he is a part-owner, but Faker’s really friendly so I don’t think of that.

Is Faker nice to you? How is he?


He often starts conversations and plays a lot of 1v1s with me. There were many chances to talk to him so I think I’m kind of close to him.

You’re close with a part-owner!


Yes, a little. (Laughs)

There should be a lot you would like to show. A lot of people paid attention to you. What kind of top laner do you think you are?


The recent game meta is more towards bot. My thought changed a bit; more than a sword champ, champions like Ornn or Sett are good, so I just think I should take half-half.

Does that mean you originally liked sword champions but now you like solid champions?


The recent meta suggests that laning doesn’t matter and teamfights are all that matters so I’ve been playing those champions.

What’s your original style?


For solo queue, I just drive straight in. It’s a lot different from pro games. In pro games, you have to play the team game well.

Then is the reason that you play solid champions more is that you like winning more?


Yes. Winning feels really really good. (Laughs)

Many fans would have felt anxious while watching today’s match, and they would feel really good because you won today. A word to them?


There are a lot of matches left. Among the games I played up to now, I think it was the first time I delivered a good performance, so I feel sorry for that. I’ll do much better in the next match and more games to come.

Can you tell the fans what kind of top laner you are?


A lot of people think that I’m an aggressive style player since I play a lot of fancy champions or sword champions on Youtube or solo queue, but I play a lot towards the team in the team game and play common champions so I become more defensive. I’ll become a solid top laner for T1.

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