EnVyUs Taimou: "I want to meet Cloud9 in the quarterfinals."


EnVyUs blazed past BK Stars 3-1 today as the team tore BK Stars apart with effective countermeasures and smooth connection of skillshots. Taimou’s good aim continuously put BK Stars into trouble as he relentlessly distracted them with his Roadhog and Widowmaker, making them unable to unfold the strategy they had prepared. He shared his thoughts on today’s matchup centered around BK Stars’ success with Sombra, while also pointing out Cloud9 as the team he wants to face against in quarterfinals. He also noted that Lunatic-Hai is the team to watch out for, saying it is a strong team with flexible strategy.

Below is the post-match press interview with Timo “Taimou” Kettunen.


How does it feel to win against BK Stars and advance to quarterfinals?

It really feels great. We were expecting easy win, but actually had a hard time coming up with the right team compositions. We did not prepare how to deal with McCree and Tracer.


Your Widowmaker was on a whole new level. What does it take to be a good Widowmaker?

I practiced Widowmaker a lot upon Overwatch’s initial release. I haven’t played Widowmaker as much in the past six months, so I don’t think I’m as good as I used to be. I think Widowmaker is strong enough in current meta, although she is weak against D.Va, Winston, and Genji. She is still a good hero when it comes to maps that have long enough distance for her to aim down her scope.


BK Stars showed effective play with Sombra today. What are your thoughts on Sombra?

There are certain situations that make Sombra a favorable pick, and I think that's when the team is on defense. She is also good as a surprise pick. People do not like it when they see someone playing Sombra in Competitive Play, and I do agree that it is hard to maximize her strength when you are playing solo queue. However, Sombra becomes really strong when it comes to team play. Her EMP is one of the best ults out there in Overwatch. She will be a strong choice if the team successfully comes together.


Do you have any team that you want to meet in quarterfinals?

I am glad that we made it to quarterfinals, and I want to fight against Cloud9. There is a long history in between EnVyUs and Cloud9, and I want to knock them out of APEX before they can make it to semis.


Is there any team you want to avoid? Which team do you think is a strong one?

Lunatic-Hai is good. We never won against Lunatic-Hai. The team is really quick in coming up with effective countermeasures. I think it would be hard to win against such a flexible team.


Do you think you will be able to win against them?

It would be a huge matchup if we were to go against them in the grand finals. However, as of now, I think Lunatic-Hai is stronger than us.


How are you going to prepare for the upcoming matchup? Any surprise strategy?

We are not preparing anything special. We adjust our strategy in response to the enemy team, just like other teams do. We will try out different combinations and decide what strategy we will go with when the match begins.


Last words?

I am really grateful for everyone that cheers for us. I really want to say thank you to Korean fans. We are not even a Korean team, but so many Korean fans cheer for us. That’s what I am really thankful for.

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