[Cartoon] A fierce race to the top! A recap of the LCK, LCS, LEC, and the LPL


Today’s cartoon is about the four major regions of competitive League of Legends, the LCK, LCS, LEC, and the LPL.


Despite its late start and no spectators, the competition in the LCK continues to be fierce. Currently, there’s a clear ‘Elite Four’ in the league, and among them, DRX stands at the top and continues their undefeated streak. However, as the LCK just finished their second week in Round 1, it’s safe to say that the full potential of all teams has yet to be realized. The point of observation will be whether or not how consistent the other three teams of the Elite Four will perform, and will the teams at the bottom of the standings will step up to shake things up.


In the LCS, C9 and Team Liquid are the two definite talking points of the league. C9 was a team that was consistently high in the standings, they suffered defeat when things really mattered. However, this season, C9 is 8-0 in the standings and continues to perform extremely well. Meanwhile, the LCS kings of the previous two years, TL, had a rough start. Although they cut their losing streak by beating a team that’s low in the standings, CLG, they still have a long way to go. Although things are looking rough, the momentum shift from getting out of their losing streak and the veteran jungler, Broxah, who was finally able to join after his visa troubles got solved, will need to perform for TL to take flight again.


In the LEC, it’s clear to see G2 stumbling. Although G2 went 6-0 and was undefeated up to Week 3, it was incredibly shocking to see the kings of the LEC lose twice in Week 4. Furthermore, one of those losses was to a team that was at the bottom of the standings, S04. Will G2 be able to bounce back harder than ever from their losses, or will a new team rise above the chaos to challenge the throne and create history in the LEC… Only time will tell.


Although it’s not even the middle of the season for these leagues, it’s a time for teams to look back, reinspect themselves, and make the climb in the standings. Oh, I didn’t talk about the LPL, but it’s because there’s actually nothing to write about the LPL. I wish the best in all the leagues getting back in full throttle, and prepare the best cards for the upcoming MSI.

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