All-female team Vaevictis kicked out of LCL due to poor performance; CrowCrowd, owned by former player Likkrit joins the league

Image Source: Vaevictis 


The first all-female organization in the world to join a top-level League of Legends esports league has been left out of the competition for the year due to its' poor performance. Organized by Riot Games Russia, the League of Legends Continental League starts on February 22nd, with a team ready to substitute Vaevictis.


Vaevictis has been a target of discussions about having only women in its line-up, being defeated 28 times in a row did not help their case. During the 2019 Spring Split of the LCL, the team had gone winless, placing last and having a win rate of 0%. The average number of deaths per game was 26 and teams in the league would often not take the competition against them seriously, playing champions that were not meta.




The LCL has deemed the team not competitive enough to be in the league, prohibiting them from participating in the 2020 season. The team will be able to play the Open Cup, and if they are successful, they can rejoin the LCL. 


To substitute Vaevictis, CrowCrowd will enter the tournament after climbing its way up from the lower tier. Former support player Kirill “Likkrit” Malofeev has become the owner and strategic director of the team in 2019, after his successful career in Albux Nox Luna, which came to an end in 2017.


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