Teamfight Tactics patch 10.4 buffs Lucian and Singed, while hitting Crystals with the nerf hammer

Image Source: Riot Games


Set 2 is closing in on its end in Teamfight Tactics. As the developers announced in January, Set 3 will go live somewhere around mid-March. New champions, new traits and origins and probably new items will flood the auto battler. However, until then, the development team is mostly focused on tweaking Set 2 minimally. Keep things in check, as they say, and hope the meta stays fresh.


In patch 10.4, which goes live later this week, Riot Games is making very few adjustments. The TFT community is happy with the changes patch 10.3 introduced—the removal of the Spatula, in particular, has been well-received. Yet a couple of champions will get a pretty sweet buff. Lucian's spell Attack Damage ratio is greatly upgraded for his level one and level two: it's increased from 30%/40%/50% to a flat 50% across all levels. Singed's level one also sees a power upgrade: the spell damage is increased from 150 to 225.


Crystals, on the other hand, are being toned down. The trait itself is receiving a minor tweak, with the two-Crystal synergy capping incoming damage at 110 instead of 100. However, combined with the nerfs to Taric—his immunity duration is decreased by 0.5 seconds on his first two levels—it looks like Crystals will drop a few tiers down the tier list.


Full patch notes:




Crystal: Max incoming damage at 2/4 Crystals adjusted to 110/60 (was 100/60).

Glacial: At every synergy level, Glacials have a 25% chance to stun. With increased synergy levels comes more bonus damage upon stunning: 75/150/300 for 3/6/9 Glacials.

Poison: Mana cost increase of enemy spell changed to 33% (was 50%).




Azir: Starting mana changed to 50 (was 75).

Lucian: Ratio Attack Damage spell changed to 50% across all levels (was 30%/40%/50%).

Nocturne: Attack speed changed to 0.8 (was 0.7).

Olaf: Starting HP changed to 800 (was 750). Spell's attack speed increase changed to 125%/150%/450% (was 100%/150%/450%).

Ornn: Spell damage changed to 125/250/450 (was 100/200/300).

Senna: Spell damage on hit changed to 20/45/70 (was 15/40/65).

Singed: Spell damage at level 1 changed to 225 (was 150).

Taliyah: Starting mana changed to 30 (was 50).

Taric: Spell immunity duration changed to 2.5/2.5/8 seconds (was 3/3/5).

Zed: Attack speed increased to 1.1 (was 1.0).

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