HLE Lehends: "My first goal is to beat Griffin 2-0 twice this season. And solo killing Viper."


On the 15th (KST), Hanwha Life Esports shut out SANDBOX Gaming 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. It was their 2nd win of the season. Son “Lehends” Si-woo joined Inven Global after the match and talked about why the team’s atmosphere was so bright, Taliyah support, and his goals for this year.



It seems that the team atmosphere of Hanwha Life Esports is really good.


I’m not sure, but it’s good that people see us that way.

Isn’t it really good? The last time when you lost, you were all still laughing and joking.


Yeah. What’s past is past, what can you do? We just need to enjoy. (Laughs)

Does the team always like that, close and candid?


I try hard to make it like that. That’s more fun. I think there’s more synergy since my teammates all cooperate when I do.

Each team has its own style. How is it different from when you were in Griffin?


I tried to keep it down when I was in Griffin. If we get excited at what we’re doing well, we made more mistakes. After playing a season like that, I thought having fun is better, so I’m back to that.

Who leads the “fun” atmosphere the most in the team?


I think it’s me. (Laughs) It starts and ends with me.

You’re the captain, no.7.

Yes. (Does that make you feel pressured?) Sometimes, I feel pressured, but since people think positively of me, I’m able to enjoy more.

The Tryndamere pick failed last time. How did you end up picking him?


My team practices a lot of stuff and Tryndamere was one of them. Actually, there was a champion that was better than Tryndamere; after losing the game, we were like, “Why didn’t we play that?” I personally blamed coach NoFe a bit. Obviously, it was a joke, but I told NoFe that I'll get upset if he keeps doing like this. (Laughs)

Do you know the Youtube channel Professional Spectator? Did you see the channel analyzing your Taliyah? And do you plan to use it?


Yes, I saw it. Whichever champion I play, I always have plans to use it. When the puzzle is right, I’m confident in playing it.

What’s the strength of Taliyah support?


To say one thing is that her damage is extremely strong. It’s something you can’t see from a support. I think that’s one of the fun parts. There’s that joy when you kill a solo laner as a support, so I play her every now and then in solo queue.

Is there a reason you haven’t played it in pro play yet?


I’m always seeking a chance to play, but there are other champions that are better so I haven’t played her yet.

Is it like a hidden ultimate skill of yours?


Well, it’s not quite like that; I don’t tend to hide something. If the situation’s right, I’ll probably play it sometime.



I’d have to discuss Vsta as well. He got a POG today. He isn’t originally an ADC. How do you see Vsta?


Vsta is very aggressive. When he sees a chance to kill, he goes in and deals damage properly. That’s a big strength. I don’t know what else to say… He listens [to me] well. (Laughs)

The best ADC is those who listen well?


Well, it’s not always that way. Each player has their own personality. I think that’s his strength.

Is there something you’d like for him to change?


Not yet. He’s doing well.

You’re the main shotcaller of the team. There was a game where you were saying, “I’ll carry! Everyone follow me!” and then CuVee said, “Hey, guys, listen to Lehends, listen to the captain!”


In that situation, I intended to get Baron after a teamfight. My teammates were chasing down the opponents. I was saying, “Baron, Baron, guys, Baron…” CuVee heard me and said to listen to me. It was an interesting situation.

How is it being in Hanwha Life Esports? How far do you think you can go?


It depends on how I do. It also depends on how everyone does as well. I don’t know how satisfied I am yet; I’ll probably find out after the season.

It seems that you’re a very responsible person and very confident.


Yes. I think any pro player is the same in that matter.

Can you share your goals for this year?


My goal is getting to Worlds. This is my second goal. My first goal is to beat Griffin 2-0 twice this season. And solo killing Viper.

Is there a reason that you’re specifically calling out Griffin?


Not Griffin, actually, it’s Viper. I want to get him. I saw him say that he wanted to get me in an interview before, so I’m doing the same.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


It feels good winning 2-0 today. We’ll be back with a fun, good composition in our next match. Stay well and please keep cheering for us. Thank you.


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